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Oldies at Mauerpark Market
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 12-27-12 21:40gekopaca wrote:
:-)) yes indeed
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Alexander sky, Berlin
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 07-01-12 13:41 wrote:
Very nicely seen and composed.
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A Race Versus The Tram
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 06-28-12 11:18 wrote:
well done, great capture!
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elevator self-portrait #1
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 06-20-12 07:54 wrote:
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conflict between generations
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 06-03-12 21:30 wrote:
Really great. Hilarious expression.
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Photo by gekopaca
🕐 05-31-12 16:36 wrote:
"Fascinating. Disturbing. Delicious"

+1. Outstanding.
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elevator self-portrait #2
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 04-10-12 11:36 wrote:
Great fun picture - perhaps the girl makes it!!!!

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elevator self-portrait #3
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 04-10-12 05:47 wrote:
Pretty cool
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The photographer in the country from thousand and one remotes
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 04-10-12 04:14gekopaca wrote:
@ lynnb :
I'm not anglophone, so I didn't know the sense of "remote".
Should I choose another word?
In any case, I love your sense of humor.
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Photo by gekopaca
🕐 04-09-12 05:24 wrote:
Wonderful texture
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