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Leeds Corn exchange
🕐 02-15-23 10:56 wrote:
What an interesting space. I like how the light at the right of the frame accentuates the circular layout.
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another viaduct near Harrogate
🕐 06-26-22 13:47 wrote:
….your title made me think of gondolas…
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Knaresborough viaduct 2
🕐 06-19-22 04:50 wrote:
Clever exposure. The colour reversal film just coped.
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Knaresborough alley
🕐 06-19-22 04:49 wrote:
Sweet light and textures and mood and sharpness.
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🕐 06-28-05 16:42 wrote:
OK. I really really like your exposures in these shots.
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