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Tree in fog
Photo by kzim56
🕐 06-22-12 13:32 wrote:
I like it too.
The mist and atmosphere are well captured
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Photo 116274
Photo by kzim56
🕐 05-08-12 13:33 wrote:
Very good.
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that look
Photo by kzim56
🕐 02-26-12 10:56 wrote:
Very good.
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Bananas on a plate
Photo by kzim56
🕐 01-03-12 12:53 wrote:
Classic and simple, but I like apples. Well done.
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Good dog
Photo by kzim56
🕐 03-27-11 05:42 wrote:
Nice picture... nice dog.
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Mei (plum) forest.
Photo by kzim56
🕐 03-16-11 01:59 wrote:
Absolutely the muted colors, the wet feel, the selective focus and the composition. Well done.
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Lunch in a Japanese restaurant
Photo by kzim56
🕐 11-22-10 09:54 wrote:
Superior portrait. And taken with a Stylus Epic... makes an awful nice point about it not being the gear, but the thought.

(Must admit I'm biased. I have also taken some satisfying portraits with that camera.)
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Photo by kzim56
🕐 10-07-10 04:42 wrote:
Other world, other game, other faces... thanks to share this world with this beautifull photo!
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Photo by kzim56
🕐 06-09-10 19:44 wrote:
What M2 Fan said. I also like the drum brakes on the bike wheel in the foreground. I have "fond" memories of trying to stop with those.
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Pods 7
Photo by kzim56
🕐 04-29-10 10:06 wrote:
Wow! Looks like an abandoned apartment complex -- from the future!
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