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Summer 2007 9
Photo by JonR
🕐 12-08-10 13:52 wrote:
Very scenic - nice shot
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Jupiter 9 document ??
Photo by JonR
🕐 11-12-10 00:37 wrote:
Yes, it says


For photographic lens "J-9" N 6017605
F=84.6 mm. Aperture: 1:2
Photographic resolution
Center: 34
Field: 18
Work length (not sure if I translated right): 34,86

Lab: (signature)"
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Nikon S, Summer 2010
Photo by JonR
🕐 08-13-10 13:35 wrote:
Beautiful shot caught perfectly!
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SP digital fake
Photo by JonR
🕐 07-23-09 06:26 wrote:
Maybe like on the RD-1, the rewind knob is used to change settings.
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Photo by JonR
🕐 11-18-08 20:12 wrote:
Interesting, I've never even thought of taking a picture like this!
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Summer 2007 8
Photo by JonR
🕐 04-18-08 10:10 wrote:
Nice! Where is this?
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Voigtländer Perkeo Test
Photo by JonR
🕐 01-16-08 17:40 wrote:
Great test result, you should be happy. The swirling water in the foreground makes it for me.
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Summer 2007 11
Photo by JonR
🕐 08-28-07 09:28 wrote:
Perfect focus and framing
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Photo by JonR
🕐 07-30-07 12:56 wrote:
just noticed your avatar...a little too close to the edge of the pier for my taste :)
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Summer 2007 4
Photo by JonR
🕐 06-06-07 05:58 wrote:
Nice !

BTW you should shoot some portraits of Selenge with your Nikon S2 outfit so that we can doublecheck the Nikkor-Q 135/3.5 quality here !
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