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Photo 205075
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🕐 04-17-13 19:28maddoc wrote:
Striking portrait !
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Photo 203726
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🕐 04-04-13 18:36maddoc wrote:
Wow !! I wonder what happened to this plane ...
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Rain ...
Photo by maddoc
🕐 01-30-13 23:46maddoc wrote:
That is one of the big advantages of theses umbrellas !! ... and they are cheap !
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🕐 10-01-12 08:00maddoc wrote:
Interesting mix of classic architecture and new architecture with classic elements in one frame
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After Service
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🕐 07-23-12 21:56maddoc wrote:
Most excellent!
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🕐 07-20-12 01:51maddoc wrote:
Nice setup!
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Super Point 'n' Shoot #1
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🕐 07-10-12 01:14maddoc wrote:
A very nice "camera" portrait, Yaron ! Interesting to see a "brassing" M4-P, original black-chrome ?
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Sage and Fence
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🕐 04-16-12 20:00maddoc wrote:
I was always wondering how the 90mm works on the XPAN, very nice result ! Thanks for sharing !
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Bones 4
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🕐 03-05-12 18:41maddoc wrote:
I just saw this, scary but very interesting !
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My M4-2
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🕐 02-17-12 00:52maddoc wrote:
Nice setup. Griptac covering by any chance ?
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