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Nobody wants Purple
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🕐 01-27-13 04:48petronius wrote:
Good picture but great caption. I like those combinations of word and picture!
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Photo 198042
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🕐 01-25-13 12:03petronius wrote:
Very well seen!
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Taking A Piss
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🕐 01-06-13 02:51petronius wrote:
Great shot; the pole adds to the live-mood. Thankfully he wore a white shirt!
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🕐 01-01-13 05:43petronius wrote:
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🕐 12-27-12 12:42petronius wrote:
This is a great series!
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🕐 11-14-12 09:14petronius wrote:
The movement makes the picture for me - stunning!
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man with a suitcase
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🕐 11-09-12 12:37petronius wrote:
You have a great eye!
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away some time
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🕐 10-24-12 05:36petronius wrote:
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Steamy Window
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🕐 10-20-12 07:22petronius wrote:
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Bridge Jump
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🕐 09-29-12 05:38petronius wrote:
Perfect in form, color and moment!
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