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Lucky Lady LLL8
🕐 08-10-20 08:07CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
I have to be in a mood for colour - apart from not being able to develop it myself in my current home, it's a way of seeing which is so different from black and white.
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The Witch
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🕐 08-08-20 12:28CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
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Plodding in Devon Rain, Buckland Abbey
🕐 07-25-20 05:39CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
On the other side of the wall is Buckland Abbey, Cistercian Monastery turned home of Sir Francis Drake - photo up. Fomapan 200 just works for me in pyro at 125, and at the rate of £2.20 per roll self loaded, I'm less hung up on shooting away.

I see exactly what you mean LC - my thanks to whoever built that driveway!
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IG Farben (2)
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🕐 07-20-20 04:22CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
Fascinating building, hopefully if I ever get to Frankfurt again (too many visits when I worked for a German bank there), I'll get to visit - the history has been confronted but cannot be denied.
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All Saints, Dunterton Devon
🕐 07-19-20 10:17CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
Thanks all. Just a lovely day and a super little church, and clouds that did their bit!
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South Devon Red
🕐 07-18-20 02:19CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
Thank you Richard - humour apart, I loved her serenity on such an exquisite day.
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stormy seas (after Niépce) #143
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🕐 07-17-20 08:49CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
It's amazing how you can hide bright sunlight in a photo. Really rather lovely!
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Photo 298215
🕐 07-13-20 02:08CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
Thanks all - he's not an easy model but I loved the results from the Summarit and the Foma.
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Verascope stereo camera
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🕐 07-11-20 09:26CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
Fascinating camera and still life!
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Strapped Lincoln
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🕐 07-10-20 10:51CharlesDAMorgan wrote:
A mere scratch!
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