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Angry Birds
Photo by Savara
🕐 03-20-12 00:53Savara wrote:
Thanks John!

Mlehrman, absolutely sure, they were flying around like crazy :)
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NY Street
Photo by Savara
🕐 03-19-12 06:03Savara wrote:
Thanks leica M2 fan, thanks John!
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Photo by Savara
🕐 03-09-12 07:04Savara wrote:
Jesse, thanks for the comment. Totally agree with you, that hand is a bit off, but the interesting thing is - I never noticed it, although the photograph is more than two years old...

Luiman: Thanks, but that's not self, just - a portrait.

Lynnb: Thanks! Cloning it out could work, too. Will do!
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Every sound is a symphony
Photo by Savara
🕐 01-29-12 12:29Savara wrote:
Randy, the thing is that these dots are actually from the water, so it's stuck to the film once water drops dry... Blowing doesn't get them off :(
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Behind the Mirror
Photo by Savara
🕐 01-17-12 00:57Savara wrote:
Thanks zauhar!
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Photo by Savara
🕐 07-11-11 07:14Savara wrote:
Thanks leica M2 fan!
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rome 2
Photo by Savara
🕐 02-10-11 14:12Savara wrote:
Thank you everyone for your comments!

@serg-3k indeed, I am myself very sorry for her leg :)
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Photo by Savara
🕐 02-10-11 09:19Savara wrote:
Thanks everyone!
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Street 2
Photo by Savara
🕐 02-06-11 05:57Savara wrote:
Yep, scottgee1, they are everywhere :)
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Jupiter 9 document ??
Photo by
🕐 11-12-10 00:37Savara wrote:
Yes, it says


For photographic lens "J-9" N 6017605
F=84.6 mm. Aperture: 1:2
Photographic resolution
Center: 34
Field: 18
Work length (not sure if I translated right): 34,86

Lab: (signature)"
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