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St Michael, Brent Tor
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🕐 08-29-22 11:23David Murphy wrote:
Super B&W shot - so crisp and contrasty.
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St. Marks Church & Rectory
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🕐 06-26-21 19:19David Murphy wrote:
Yes an interesting place and photo for sure
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Typical Florida House
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🕐 07-16-20 17:40David Murphy wrote:
The Florida suburbs are full of houses like these. My parents bought one new in 1967 (or thereabouts) and many of my formative years were spent in it. The neighborhood it is in was whacked severely by a hurricane or two, but its still standing strong (no longer in our family however).
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Park tree
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🕐 10-31-19 20:37David Murphy wrote:
Striking B&W landscape
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🕐 02-03-19 06:19David Murphy wrote:
Very, very cool shot - amazing colors. I want to live there!
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Another chair
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🕐 03-18-16 16:04David Murphy wrote:
I like the stark contrast and long (late afternoon?) shadows of this image - nice land/waterscape
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🕐 02-01-16 20:40David Murphy wrote:
Yeah interesting shot -- what are those things anyway - lights?
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the needle
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🕐 03-01-15 12:57David Murphy wrote:
Excellent - very night good work
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🕐 09-12-13 21:24David Murphy wrote:
I want this kitty!!!
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🕐 11-17-12 17:12David Murphy wrote:
Very colorful - great camera and lens combination
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