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Photo 2003098
Photo by Alberti
🕐 08-12-22 12:22Alberti wrote:
At a certain moment I remembered something about woman and knots, it appears C. Jung has blatantly used the subject to discuss woman's psychological stress and trauma's.
Anyway, I now can't stop thinking about this photo as depicting what Jung said.
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Eastside Mini Kicker & Boardsports
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🕐 08-02-22 23:05Alberti wrote:
Great compo and rendering
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Photo 299262
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🕐 08-31-20 23:59Alberti wrote:
Great self-conscious smile!
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last days of summer #810
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🕐 08-31-20 23:56Alberti wrote:
Walking towards the sun!
Great instance of serependipity in photography!
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Photo 296493
Photo by Alberti
🕐 04-20-20 23:52Alberti wrote:
Thanks Greg,
this lens is a kind of gem, never had the hate part of a love and hate relationship (no cognitive dissonance, so to say). Where hate would be because of the bloom. In fact, it indeed has its charm and is very old-fashioned this way.
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Snow Day
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🕐 01-12-20 07:50Alberti wrote:
Ah I understand, it a dig, not a sheepdog :-) Nice
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Let there be light
Photo by Alberti
🕐 12-26-19 08:41Alberti wrote:
Lynn, Thanks for your angle to this picture!
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Can I have this dance . . ?
Photo by Alberti
🕐 12-23-19 23:20Alberti wrote:
Thanks wes and lynn.
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Who's going to beat my drum?
Photo by Alberti
🕐 12-18-19 00:02Alberti wrote:
Thanks, and for $10 in the sale I should have bought it, isn't it, just to stir my drums.
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Photo 293502
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🕐 12-17-19 05:50Alberti wrote:
nice old school
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