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🕐 09-28-13 04:56JSU wrote:
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Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK
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🕐 09-25-13 06:05JSU wrote:
Ditto Richard G
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🕐 09-25-13 04:26JSU wrote:
Classic and done quite well.
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🕐 09-23-13 07:08JSU wrote:
Nice look, my only criticism is the hair across her jaw & chin, that's the only thing that prevents this (for me) from being a great look. I really like the sense of intimacy, she projects a trust in the photographer.
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🕐 09-18-13 18:53JSU wrote:
Too cool, I just mentioned in the thread about great cinematography that a GT 40 was used as a camera car for the 1966 film: "Grand Prix."

Good photo, great car, the original so much more impressed me than the reissue/continuation of a few years ago.
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🕐 09-18-13 07:04JSU wrote:
This is much better, it "reads" much easier.

Yep, I like it, too.
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Photo 214934
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🕐 09-12-13 09:00JSU wrote:
Oh, yeah. . . . this works.
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Raven cyclist
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🕐 09-10-13 20:23JSU wrote:
I hope there is a flywheel, cool concept. Still like the face!
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Photo 213013
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🕐 08-13-13 19:03JSU wrote:
Like the pose & model, like the wall and its patterns, don't like the leaves at lower right.

The likes carry the day.
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Dark Alleys
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🕐 07-10-13 15:26JSU wrote:
Perfect, I don't see a single item that could be improved.

Thank you for sharing another excellent image.
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