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Aylesford Kent
Photo by brainwood
🕐 06-13-21 10:32brainwood wrote:
Not been around here much lately but nice to be posting again.

HP5+ in HC-110
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Eel River in flood
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🕐 08-23-19 13:30brainwood wrote:
Very nice series. I find this shot very evocative
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Falmouth tenders 3
Photo by brainwood
🕐 07-31-18 11:30brainwood wrote:
Ilford HP5+ in Kodak HC110
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Sea Shanty Piper
Photo by brainwood
🕐 07-27-18 11:21brainwood wrote:
It was a good event. I came across it by accident but huge fun
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Sea Salts, Mousehole 2018
Photo by brainwood
🕐 07-27-18 11:20brainwood wrote:
Thanks Lynn
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Low Tide
Photo by brainwood
🕐 07-27-18 11:13brainwood wrote:
Thanks Robert. I haven't shot much recently but this kind of thing was too good an opportunity not to use up some film on.
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Les Marins Des Arbers
Photo by brainwood
🕐 07-24-18 23:16brainwood wrote:
Thanks Lynn, it was great fun
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Cod & Lobster
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🕐 03-16-18 14:51brainwood wrote:
I like the contrast of the stripes on the Cobble (boat) and the white painted houses, very evocative of N Yorks
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Photo 277253
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🕐 11-18-17 01:36brainwood wrote:
Excellent image
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Long road . . .
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🕐 10-20-17 12:49brainwood wrote:
Very nice image Jazzwave
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