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Oldies at Mauerpark Market
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 12-27-12 21:40gekopaca wrote:
:-)) yes indeed
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The photographer in the country from thousand and one remotes
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 04-10-12 04:14gekopaca wrote:
@ lynnb :
I'm not anglophone, so I didn't know the sense of "remote".
Should I choose another word?
In any case, I love your sense of humor.
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l'estuaire du Douro
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 05-15-11 21:09gekopaca wrote:
Thanks Lynn.
Your seasides are great too.
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🕐 04-22-11 00:24gekopaca wrote:
Seems to be a stolen picture - as a spy should operate.
It's a scaring image because we don't know if they're terrorists, or legal army (but if they're legal we're the terrorists, so the result is the same).
They're shooters shooted.

In the foreground, perhaps the camo tissue is hiding something. This reinforces the dramatic feeling of the image.
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My Chromebag 02
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 03-22-11 21:56gekopaca wrote:
It's a dual system :
the attachment (with the logo) is a one-clic pull out, and the system just below permits to relax the strap, so the bag located in the back descends on the side.
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My Chromebag 03
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 03-22-11 13:52gekopaca wrote:
Yes it is!
I don't know why, but Chrome seems to be really unknown by photographers - originally those bags are for messengers, but they could be useful for many other professions
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portrait with chicken
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🕐 03-15-11 23:46gekopaca wrote:
Good picture.
Bravo for the rope.
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église de Thines
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 03-08-11 22:19gekopaca wrote:
Thanks :)

Rustic… Imagine what looked like people were sitting there a long time ago?
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Lincoln House Hotel, Cardiff - by the bay-window of the room 206
Photo by gekopaca
🕐 03-03-11 13:42gekopaca wrote:
Thanks a lot Dan :-)
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Photo by gekopaca
🕐 02-24-11 09:41gekopaca wrote:
Thanks gecko!
I didn't know there's some geckos in Texas…
Nice to meet you!
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