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Happily Washing Dishes
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🕐 11-22-09 17:52kzim56 wrote:
Great picture! I'm glad somebody enjoys washing dishes. I certainly don't.
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Tea for six
Photo by kzim56
🕐 11-21-09 21:22kzim56 wrote:
Yes, I didn't realize that until I watched her.
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Outside looking in
Photo by kzim56
🕐 11-15-09 14:52kzim56 wrote:
Thanks. His master was inside.
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Going home
Photo by kzim56
🕐 11-15-09 14:50kzim56 wrote:
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Three scooters and a dog
Photo by kzim56
🕐 11-13-09 15:45kzim56 wrote:
Yes. There's a reason it's a classic.
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Clothing vendor
Photo by kzim56
🕐 11-08-09 18:51kzim56 wrote:
Thanks. Yes, she meant business.
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Roof tiles
Photo by kzim56
🕐 10-27-09 16:13kzim56 wrote:
Well, thanks so much. I'm fortunate to be living in a new environment with lots of time on my hands. Lately I've had the luxury of exploring my new world with my camera.
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private joke
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🕐 05-02-09 04:11kzim56 wrote:
These are terrific shots. Thanks for sharing them with us.
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Sikh Parade
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🕐 04-29-09 14:52kzim56 wrote:
Great eye contact. Very nice.
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Kajakpolo Hazewinkel
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🕐 11-24-08 15:56kzim56 wrote:
Very interesting scene. So much to look at. Thanks for posting this great shot.
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