Fuji 400H, how to you shoot it?
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Fuji 400H, how to you shoot it?

I just ran into a wedding photographer a few days ago named Jose Villa. He shoots the Fuji 400H on a medium format camera and I know that he overexposes it to get this fantastic pastel look on his pictures. He also shoots the 800 film.
Check his site: http://josevillablog.com/

How do you rate your Fuji 400H on a 35mm format.

I wanna give this film a try. They donīt have it here in the stores in 120 format but I can get it in 35mm. (Sucks to live far away from everything sometimes )

Samples would be much appreciated
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Box speed. Plus or minus a guess or two.
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Michiel Fokkema
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I shoot it at box speed to 1 stop overexposure.
I really like Jose Villa's work. But part of his look has to be credited to the scanning done by Richards photo lab.


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I tend to rate all my color negative film 2/3 stop over if doing portraiture work. It makes the skin tones really open up.

Shoot your 400H at ASA 250 and for the love of film, use an incident meter! This is critical!


400H over exposed, probably shot at f/5.6, 50mm Pre-ASPH E46 Lux

You can do the same thing with 160 S, rate it at 100 ASA. 2/3 over exposure seems to be the magic number with Fuji film. I can't get Ektar to do the same thing.


160 S, ASA 100 -- Shot at f/2.8 50mm Pre-ASPH E46 Lux

The "pastel" tones are there, it's just a matter of getting your image tweaked a bit.

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check out this thread:


i bought 10 rolls of 400H just to try this out. Send the OP a message if you want, he's pretty friendly. I asked him about pulling film for the pastel look.
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I would agree with a +1/2 to +2/3 stop of exposure.

1 full stop seems to be too much in my experience, and I get these weird color shifts that are hard to correct.
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