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Technique: How To Shoot It Ask questions about how to take pics, as well as share your own favorite shooting tips.

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Old 01-14-2010   #41
Ben B.
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Originally Posted by Trius View Post
Tall people have no reason to live.
Love that Randy Newman song...

Ok, I'm 5'7" so I don't really qualify for contributing in this discussion but you should have seen me the last time I tried to shoot some portraits of my (taller) friends through a WLF! We had a great laugh!

I sometimes wish I was taller but never thought of that while holding a camera...

I don't see why that should be a problem. It's all a matter of point of view. And let's face it : having a point of view is very important in photography. Be it from above or from below

Seriously, this whole question of height and perpective is a pretty unique specificity of photography as a art form. Could you tell how tall was da Vinci by looking at Mona Lisa or Michelangelo when you contemplate that Sistine Chapel ceiling? Cinema is different because there's a director and a cinematographer involved...

Ok, we photographers have less control on perspective. I definitely would take different photos If I was 7' tall. Not better nor worse, just different.

Tall photographers still have an advantage when a little shift in perspective is needed. I'd have to carry a stool with me all day long while they'd only have to walk like John Cleese in that "Ministry of silly walk" bit

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Old 01-15-2010   #42
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The bending down isn't too much of a problem (yet) but the getting back up is definitely an adventure!
Originally Posted by Roger Hicks View Post
Age doesn't help. It's easier to bend down at 19 than at 59.
I've not had any trouble like this--I'm not tall, I am 5' 8" which was average when I got to be that height. Now I am short.
And still find most tripods seem too short for me.

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
--Mark Twain
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Log out, go shoot.
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This is the way to go, and bonus, you'll be able to catch some decisive moments !

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reuno, that made my day!

"Do you play basket ball?" is the tall mans burden. I want to go and ask small people if they sweep chimneys.

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I'm 6'3" (about 1.90m in the metric system) and I find my hight as an advantage.

Still, all of my pants are worn out on the right knee
I torn a pair of trousers once a year, in average.
So, I have to add those in my calculation of photography spendings

"Photography is reality... the way I see it!"
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Old 01-17-2010   #46
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Originally Posted by Roger Hicks View Post
Age doesn't help. It's easier to bend down at 19 than at 59.


Amen to that ... and try it a few years later as well
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Al Patterson
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Originally Posted by Roger Hicks View Post
Age doesn't help. It's easier to bend down at 19 than at 59.


Yeah, I'm 54, so I've sat down on the ground from time to time to get a different view.
Al Patterson

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Aww tall people hello! I'm a really short person (5' 3") and sometimes, I would like to be a bit taller so that I can take some tall people photos!
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bestest thread in awhile ...

i'm convinced my height is a disadvantage for reportage (1.93m/6'3"), and for portraits as well. looking up slightly at the subject generally provides a stronger perspective than looking down, imho.

sara, i'd love to be 5'3" when i'm out shooting.

like others have mentioned, i workaround by shooting a fair amount from the hip and chest, and trying set up shots from a seated or kneeling or even lying position.

just put down a modest pymt on an autocord to try the TLR thing. we'll see.
--Mike (confirmed midget imagist on stilts)

The photographer chances upon a scene that fascinates him. He longs to be a part of it ... recording the scene and including within it his vicarious representative, the participating observer. --- Geoff Dyer

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I never even thought of the height issue until a recent trip around Europe. See, I'm about 5'7", and here in Ireland, I'm not too far off being average height, so my street shots are OK perspective wise. While in Europe I felt I was just pointing my my camera at people's chests or leaning back to get their faces in shot, the problem seemed to get worse the further east I got.

But, my height is good for where I am now, so I don't envy tall people that much, except when I'm at a gig looking at some tall person's back...
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Old 02-01-2010   #51
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I WIN!!!! (so far). I'm 6'9" but I've never really thought about the different perspective that I have to "normal" shooters. Luckily I'm still pretty flexible so bending down and getting on my knees is no problem.
As for the "do you play basketball" question, I generally respond with, "no, do you play short tennis??"
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I'm 6'3"/193cm and I occasionally bend at the knees to get a more natural perspective: I know it must look ridiculous, and as I get older it is also hard to maintain a stable position that way.
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