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CSC : Digital Compact System Cameras - This new category of digital Compact System Cameras with interchangeable lenses was mislabeled for a time as "Mirrorless Cameras" by those forgetting about "Mirrorless" Rangefinder cameras.  Such confusion is easily understandable, since interchangeable rangefinder cameras were only recently introduced in 1932.  hmm.    CSC or Compact System Camera is probably the best category description to date, although I am fond of the old RFF desigation of  CEVIL  indicating Compact Electronic Viewfidner Interchangeable Lens.   This forum is here at RFF because via adapters these cameras offer an inexpensive way to use rangefinder lenses on digital cameras -- in addition of just about every 35mm SLR lens you can think of.  All  offer the photo enthusiast an incredible array of adopted lenses which was not possible before these new digital formats.   This group continues to grow in popularity and new camera models! 

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Canon joins the ILC party - fashionably late.
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Canon joins the ILC party - fashionably late.


A fast 22mm prime will be included in the kit price. No EVF though I've always liked the EOS system but never cared for the Rebel series of cameras.
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I think I'd go for a G1X over this, the built in zoom lens is likely good enough for me. Also, I've always like the OVFs of the G series. No flash either in the EOS M, which for where I'd use a compact, would be a problem.
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I really think that in the next five years of so, m4/3 is going to seriously cut into Canikon's DSLR sales. Both seem afraid to "steal their own market share" by offering MIL cameras which can be serious alternatives to DSLRs. (No EVF, not even an optional one? Fail.) Moreover, m4/3 seems to be at a real sweet spot in terms of sensor size: small enough to allow bodies and lenses to be significantly smaller than DSLR ones, yet large enough to offer significant improvements over compact digicams. Not only that, m4/3 has been around long enough to have a real head start over newer MIL designs on developing a native lens lineup.

With the exception of the full-frame pro models, DSLRs (and their lenses) are needlessly big and bulky, thanks to their use of standards designed to enable coverage of a 24x36 image (which is not fully used in consumer-level DSLRs). I see such cameras as a historical accident whose time is about to end, and m4/3 is perfectly positioned to grab most of that market.
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What's the point of having a small body with big lenses?
At least the camera has an accessory shoe to mount an external optical viewfinder.
And the sensor is a decent size.
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I don't get buying a camera the size of a P&S if you're just going to have a huge lens attached to it as well. Kinda defeats the purpose of a compact camera.
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