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Yashica Electro GSN - advice needed
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Yashica Electro GSN - advice needed

Hello everyone,
I just got a GSN, lenses is in great shape, battery check works but shutter fires at default 1/500 and the meter doesn't seem to be working. The slow/fast light doesn't come up either. This is a beautiful camera, I really would like to fix it and shoot with it. Please let me know your thoughts on what could be wrong and how to fix it...
I am in Boston, MA BTW. Any suggestions for a repair shop are appreciated.
Many thanks
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Contact Mark Hama or Russ Sisco. Easily found on Google. They are both the "go to" guys for these fine old cameras.. I've got two. GS and GSN.

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Check this link....

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Sometimes the contacts in the camera get dirty, you can try winding the advance lever, and while holding the advance lever at the full-wind position, press and release the shutter button rapidly a few dozen times. This might clean up the contacts and allow the camera to work. Also, make sure the lens ring in front of the aperture ring is set to A.
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I wrote this article on how to test a Yashica Electro camera.

Exercising the camera may bring it back, but a GSN that has not been serviced will most always have a POD problem (Google if not familiar). There are voices on the web saying this can be a great $20 camera. I don't believe this is likely.

If the shutter moves, and the lens is clean, then get your GSN serviced, and you'll have an excellent, reliable camera for around $100.
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