Polypan F - talk to me
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Polypan F - talk to me


I've been watching another thread recently about buying cheap, b+w film. I noticed that polypan F came up, and it seems to have positive reviews floating around the internets.

Im new to developing my own film, and would like to start shooting 1 type to get a feel for it. How different agitation times affect it etc etc.

Anyway, I'm probably going to pick up some polypan F as its rediculously cheap. I've read that most people get reasonable results at iso 200, so that is good enough for me.

My only real question, is how to load it. I've never bought bulk film before, and I understand this is 90m not the usual 30. Should I purchase a bulk film loader as well, or should I spool it in by hand? Also I read on one place that you can put it into certain bulk loaders, as the film is thinner than normal stuff. If this is true, what sort of loader should I look for?

Once this is sorted (and I get my canon iif back), Ill quit the GAS and stop myself from buying anything for a few months.

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Originally Posted by agour View Post
My only real question, is how to load it.
As you wrote, base is thinner - some people load it using certain models of bulk loaders, and some just cut needed amount from bulk roll.

I'd go for it be it of real ISO or pushable to at least ISO400. With ISO50 of real ISO I'd be too limited in DOF or speed choices assuming locally dominating light conditions. But that's only me, hope you find lots of use for it (as there's good amount of it).
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The film base may be thinner , I am not sure about that, but the film curls very easily - be prepared to deal with that when you handle it in the dark. I have rolled many PPF rolls by hand, it is a cumbersome procedure, but feasible. Latelr opted for a bulk loader - I take several meters of film from the original can and rol this film around a cardboard cilindrical core . Then I place it inside the bulk loader and use it te usual way.
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If my memory serves correctly, Polypan F is coated on a polyester base that's thinner than normal acetate, the same as the ESTAR Thin Base that Kodak coat Technical Pan and HAWKEYE on. Both of those films were/are available in 150 ft / 45.7 metre loads that would fit into normal 100 foot daylight loaders.

A 90 m roll of any film will need to be cut down before use in a normal loader though.
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Due to Polypans thinness I found I could split a 90m drum into 2 and fit one half in to my bulk loader. I also have to say I am extremely pleased with the results I have got off it so far in RO9 stand dev. It is due to a lot of factors my go to lower speed 35mm film I am stocking up on it due to its great price. I think it will be a great summer film, when there is enough light to use it. Also I found in a stand development I had easy to print negs from 25-100asa, did not test at 200 though.
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