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Rolleiflex 2.8d Price?
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Rolleiflex 2.8d Price?

My husband's grandfather has a Rolleiflex 2.8d that he is willing to sell us. My husband originally told him that they were going for about $1000 online, and his grandfather said he would sell it to us for $500.

After doing a little more research on prices, I'm finding that $1000 might be a little high, but these estimates that I'm finding are old.

The camera is in very good condition (it's sat in a cabinet for several decades), but I wouldn't say it's in mint condition.

SO, anyone have any better estimates for the current value of a Rolleiflex 2.8d?

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The reality is, that a camera that has not been used for decades will need a CLA, which will cost you 200-300 USD if all is OK. Then factor in another expense for the likely upgrade of the screen ( from 80 to 250 USD depending on type). In my opinion 500 USD for such camera in good shape, but long unused, is on the high side of a fair price nowadays. Perhaps it's OK if it is a Planar. Remember that this version did not have the interchangeable screen and you will be stuck with the WLF.
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All old equipment that has been sitting will require a Clean Lube Adjust (CLA). That's part of the deal so personally I do not think it should be used as a bargaining point. If you can find one that had a recent CLA, then more power to you as that usually benefits the buyer not the seller.

With the 2.8D at hand, first look it over as well as you can. Are there any dents or scrapes? Is the leatherette intact or is it peeling off in places? Are the lenses clean and clear? Check for scratches, haze, fungus by shining a light into them. Does the shutter fire at all speeds? Do the shutter and aperture dials turn easily and smoothly? Can you easily turn the film advance crank? Does the fold up viewfinder hood function smoothly? Is the view through it clear? Does the camera focus smoothly?

If all these are to the positive, then it's worth about $800. Whether the taking lens (the bottom lens) is a Xenotar or Planar also can affect prices. People tend to like the Planar more.

Do a search on ebay, Rolleiflex 2.8D, and select the option 'sold listings'. That will give you a real idea to the current value.
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Ron (Netherlands)
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Do look through the taking lens from the back (so open the camera first and set the shutter at 'B' : open the shutter and look inside - so its easier to see if there are little scratches on the taking lens. Most 2.8C and 2.8D Rollei's have cleaningmarks on their lenses which means little scratches, since the lenses at that time had soft coatings.....
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I have owned a few rolleiflexes I prefer the 2.8d to my 2.8f I sold my F also sold other models .The 2.8d is a solid camera no light meter to go bad and who really cares if the waist level finder is removable or not. You can still have a screen changed if you wanted. Prices for a 2.8d vary depending on condition. I seen these sell for as low $500 or more still needing cleaned so not a bad deal. The coatings on the lens seems to hold up better if it were made by zeiss (planar) then the Schneider xenotar. Photo quality is similar between both. And you could get the lens recoated if needed.
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