Hot shoe dimensions
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Hot shoe dimensions

Iím thinking about ordering a custom hot shoe cover for my m6, but i cant find any blueprints or exact dimensions for it. ( considering that its not a regular rectangle and it needs a slot for the rf adjustment screw)
I was wondering if anyone here has the dimensions or some sort of blueprint for it
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something like this....
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You do not really need a blueprint. Buy a regular cheap plastic cover (or better still buy a few for spares) - the shoe size is basically standard on all cameras certainly from the 1970s onwards. So these all work as the basis for the following modification. Having said this, occasionally I have had a cheap cover from China which is too "fat" in the base to comfortably slide under the side lugs of a hotshoe (or might be a hair too wide and bind in that dimension). If you come across this problem just place a piece of medium to coarse emery paper on a flat surface and rub the plastic cover back and forth till it is thinned sufficiently and slides in as it should. If the shoe cover is too wide you do much the same in that dimension. Alternatively I have had covers for various cameras that are too skinny and slip out of the hotshoe as well. In this case the fix is easier - place a piece of gaffer tape or whatever tape works on the bottom of the cover to make the fit more snug. While the dimensions of hotshoes are standard, obviously, not all covers conform absolutely to that spec.

On the left hand side of the hot shoe mount at the front there is an angular 45% cut out which can be easily filed in the left hand slide notch of the plastic cover. Or if you have access to a bench grinder grind the angle with that. Just go slow so as not to melt the plastic along the grinding line. Or you can cut the cut out with a fine saw such as those you find in modelling shops frequented by war gamers, aircraft modellers etc. These are very cheap to buy.

In the centre front of the hotshoe is the slot for the post just as you say. Its location can be marked on the cover by inserting it as far as it can go till it presses against the post and then marking it with a felt pen or fine paint pen or sharp scribe to indicate where it touches the post. The necessary notch can then be filed with a round needle file - sometimes also called a jewellers file (these are readily available for a few bucks usually in sets of half a dozen or more in hardware stores or online). Just test fit a couple of times as you proceed to file to keep the job neat and avoid removing material unnecessarily which looks sloppy. Also be aware that as you slide the cover forward it may begin to bind on the left hand corner if you have not cut enough off at that point. This will be obvious if it occurs as the cover will fail to slide the whole way in. A bit of testing and refiling is sometimes needed but it's no big deal. If that all works out use the cover you have just modded. If you are not happy with the result, use the experience gained to make another better fitting / neater one. I am all the time modifying stuff to get stuff to work and have done the above job a few times. I would expect the entire job to take 5-10 minutes if organised.

The above is how I modified a standard hotshoe cover bought online to fit my M4P and later my M8. Occasionally you will also see hotshoe covers on eBay which are advertised as being made specifically for Leica M cameras - if so this is obvious from their design.
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What purpose does the post serve? I'm not aware of it being a rangefinder adjustment. The access for that is from the front. Then again, there's no post on my Nikon SLRs. I always thought it was there to stop the accessory foot from sliding too far forward.
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Thank you for the detailed instructions, But the thing is that i want to order a custom cover to be made for me like the ones that japanese jeweler makes (jay something) so i cant really order based on a rough estimation of standard hotshoe size and then file it down. But i guess i can make one out of a cheap plastic one and use that as the template for the metal one i want to order.
Oh and also the post is for vertical adjustment of the RF, the one behind the red dot is for the horizontal adjustment which is more important
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