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Contax T2, focus might be off??
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Contax T2, focus might be off??

I just purchased the contax T2 and had to ship it out to Nippon because I discovered fungus in the lens. They were able to replace the whole lens element and I just got it back on Wednesday. I ran a roll through it and was just now able to look at them. And they seem pretty soft from the first roll I shot before sending it out.
I started thinking about it and maybe I'm just being super picky but, when I go to focus on a shot I rarely hear the lens click into focus. Even when I try huge focal changes. The green circle pops up, which obviously means its focused. Sometimes but rarely it'll click which makes me feel like it's actually locked on.
Since I sent it out so quickly I forget if it always clicked into place when holding the shutter halfway. It's Saturday now and Nippon is closed for the weekend so I can't give them call.

For the people that have (had) the T2, how does your focus work? Am I just being paranoid or do you think something went wrong?
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There's a Contax T2 manual online and it says that eventhough the green spot is lit, it doesn't mean that the subject is in focus.

I'm not very good at focusing on the Contax. That's why I've rarely used it or when I do, I make sure it's super sunny and everything is f16 in focus.
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The T2 determines the focusing distance when you half press the shutter button, but only after you fully press the button does it move the lens into position before taking a picture. The clicking noise it occasionally makes is just when it went into standby and you half press the shutter button to wake it up again.
The T2 only uses the small center square for focusing and has a minimal focus distance of .7 meters.
My T2 almost never misses focus.
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