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preparing by Mark Wyatt, on Flickr
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/markjwyatt/
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Benjamin, instead of telling us, show a film picture you made.
Originally Posted by Benjamin Marks View Post
I have enjoyed this thread immensely, but I want to complicate things for some of you at the risk of being didactic. So with my apology as a preface, here goes. "Film Noir" imagery is not about a B&W photograph simply...
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Leica IIIG. Heliar 15mmF/4.5. [email protected] expired 1998, Xtol 1+1

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Benjamin Marks
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Originally Posted by filmtwit View Post
Ben - keep in mind what you're describing above is Story Noir, while this thread is about Noir Imagery. They are similar, but not the same thing.

I love this image. And I fiercely defend anyone's right to make mistakes in the pursuit of art. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with some of these images from a formal point of view, only -- respectfully -- that the distinction you are trying to make doesn't really make sense. If you can't imagine the image as part of a film that partakes of this sensibility then the image doesn't partake of the sensibility. The term "Noir" has a history -- it comes from film of a certain period, a point of view, and an aesthetic that goes along with it. The aesthetic is in service of the idea, though, so I don't get your central point.

Ironically, your wonderful picture is an excellent illustration of what I am talking about and would, I think, be perfectly at home in a noir film. BTW, the thread's title is "Film Noir" . . . so isn't that what all the pictures here are trying to illustrate?
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Is it noir?
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Originally Posted by Majki View Post

Is it noir?
It could be noir... she could be the main femme fatale .. sneering at Robert Mitchum for taking a shine to Gloria Graham and lighting her cigarette.
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I have a few that might qualify as film noir (ish). Though technically one of them is in color and might not be wholly representative.

Alone by Life in Shadows, on Flickr

Lost in his reflections by Life in Shadows, on Flickr

_1000460a by Life in Shadows, on Flickr
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