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Roger Hicks -- Author of The Rangefinder Book

Roger Hicks is a well known photographic writer, author of The Rangefinder Book, over three dozen other photographic books, and a frequent contributor to Shutterbug and Amateur Photographer. Unusually in today's photographic world, most of his camera reviews are film cameras, especially rangefinders. See www.rogerandfrances.com for further background (Frances is his wife Frances Schultz, acknowledged darkroom addict and fellow Shutterbug contributor) .

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loves old lenses
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be strong Roger,
thank you for all
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Roger, if you read this, know how much your enormous contributions to the world of photography have been, and continue to be, appreciated. Thank you so much. Thanks also for your sense of humour and your lively, direct honesty, without which the world would be a less interesting place. I hope you are comfortable, and you and Frances are managing as best you can.. may peace and love surround you.
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picnic like it's 1999
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Roger and Frances' collective knowledge and experience in photography is extraordinary. I've enjoyed reading their reviews, tests, and opinions, (as well as seeing their photographs) for more than 30 years. When they're gone I will miss them, and the knowledge they will take with them will be irreplaceable. But while they are both still here, let us send them all the love and thanks we have.
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PF McFarland
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Roger, thanks for keeping me honest in my photography.


Waiting for the light
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Roger was always so generous with his knowledge. I still read his books when I think I doing something wrong: which is often. Thanks for everything Roger.
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leica M2 fan
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I feel what we all do with respect to Roger and Frances.

A very sad day indeed.
Good Light and Good Luck (thanks to Edward R Murrow)

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This is truly awful news. I like many have enjoyed Roger’s articles and insights into photography and learnt a great deal as well. Roger will be very sadly missed...

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Sending positive thoughts.

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Pan Giannakis
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Back in the mid 90's, in a small basement shop in Athens which was selling international press and comic magazines, i came across an issue of Practical Photography. I was in the very first steps in my photography and that magazine further sparked my interest.

At the very last page, Roger had an article. His profile picture made an impact on me, an almost Biblical figure, wearing a monocle. I ask the shop owner if he was willing to subscribe to this magazine and i will pick it up every weekend - he agreed.

I was receiving this magazine for a number of years, in the meanwhile one of the Greek photography magazines published a favorable review of his book on rangefinders - that review drew my attention as i recognized his name from Practical Photography. And up to that point, i had no idea what a rangefinder camera is.

Later on, internet became more popular and i came across his website. On RFF i always appreciated his view and expertise.

Roger is leaving a big photographic legacy behind him and his knowledge and experience will be referenced and mentioned for many years to come by the next generations of photographers.

The Monochrome Archives

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Real Men Shoot Film.
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Originally Posted by CMur12 View Post
Sad news, indeed.

I started reading Roger and Frances in Shutterbug magazine. I was thrilled to find Roger here and to become of aware of his and Frances's website. They have shared a lot of hard-earned knowledge with others interested in photography.

I wish Roger a smooth transition and I send my condolences to Frances.

I will miss you, Roger.

- Murray

Same here. I began reading Roger's articles in Shutterbug when I was a kid, before I was even in high school. It was awesome getting to talk to him here on RFF all these years! He was a good friend and mentor.
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All the best to Roger, and be strong!

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Michael Markey
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Good grief that`s bad news.

Words fail me …. God bless Roger.
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My thoughts are with you Roger and with Frances. I wish you God Speed and happiness wherever your journey takes you.

Thank you and Francis so much for taking the time to communicate a little bit of your knowledge through this forum, your writings in Shutterbug and Amateur Photography, the website as well as your many wonderful books. I still use the information that you provided.
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On leave from Gallifrey
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Amazing guy.

Some years ago I was thinking of buying a paterson orbital for developing large format negatives. He sent me a PM asking for my phone number then rang me here in Oz to chat about it and give me some tips on how to use one. I also really liked the way he never got personal when arguing a point in heated discussions here.

I wish him well and congratulate him on a life fulfilled.
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Roger has always been an absolute gentleman on this forum - I wish him strength and grace.
Thank you and Frances for the wonderful influence you’ve both had in this community, and I’m sure many others.
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Paul T.
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SO sorry to hear this

He has lived his life as he wanted to, working with things he loved. I will be thinking of him and Frances in the coming days, I hope he's sitting in a nice location with good views of that wonderful French countryside.
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Like everyone here, I'm sad to read this.

When I freshly registered here at RFF, I had recently picked up a book about Large and Medium format Photography and was happy to discover one of the authors was active here.
Thank you for all the information you shared and help you've offered over the many years, Roger.
Rick - In Tabulas Argenteas Refero
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Thanks Roger for all you have given to other photographers out there. You’re knowledge was vast and so helpful to everyone. A true gent in the world of photography.

Thoughts and prayers to you and your loved ones.
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Thank you Roger for spending your valuable time sharing your knowledge.
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robert blu
quiet photographer
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So sad news. I and my wife met Roger and Frances a few times in Arles and it always was a great time.
Roger is a gentleman with a huge knowledge of the photographic world. Both Roger and Frances are great photographers but even more important they are very good people, always kind and ready to help everyone. Their friendship has always been very important to us.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them in such a difficult moment.

robert and simo
Remember: today is the Day !
from Ruth Bernhard recipe for a long and happy life

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Old 04-03-2019   #61
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So sad to hear this news. Roger & Frances' books and advice have been invaluable to me. Hopefully Roger's vast knowledge will live on in print and on forums like these to help and guide many other photographers for years to come.

My thoughts are with Frances and family. Strength and comfort to you all.
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Old 04-03-2019   #62
Brian Atherton
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Devastating news for our photographic community and even more so for his beloved wife, Frances, family and friends. I cannot imagine how they are feeling at this very sad news; my heart and thoughts go out to them and Roger.

Roger has been with me on my photographic journey almost from the moment I took up photography seriously and started to educate myself, first through the Amateur Photographer magazine and his column, and then through his books. Rogerís advice is an exemplar of sound judgement and clarity.

To find him, here on this forum, quite unexpectedly when I joined was a wonderful surprise and joy, and I have enjoyed his comments, advice, knowledge and pithy ripostes immensely.

I will miss him terribly. I am bereft.

"Maintenant, mon ami !"
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Recycled User
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I am so sorry to hear of this.

I have always enjoyed your postings, Roger, full of eloquence and wit. With your sharing of knowledge and advice. I know I will miss all this, but I also know you will live on through all the work you have done for the community, and through the books and articles.

As it is, I do hope you will learn of all what we say here, while you still are with us. Oftentimes does the good words come too late ...
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Mod chasing Shadows Light
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Dear Roger,

Dreadful news, say it’s not so.

Sending You Love, tears, giggling about the way You could stir up the pot pushing Us to think , pushing boundaries with your wickedly keen wit.

Thank You for making Photography FUN and informative .
Peace be with You ~ xo~H

To the question "what are you after"
I responded: The Moment...The Memory of what Once was
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Old 04-03-2019   #65
RObert Budding
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“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

Thank you, Roger, for sharing your creation. I've always enjoyed your insights.
"We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true."
~Robert Wilensky

"He could be right, he could be wrong. I think he's wrong but he says it in such a sincere way. You have to think he thinks he's right."
~ Bob Dylan
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Old 04-03-2019   #66
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So sad. Like others here, I've read his shared knowledge since "Shutterbug" magazine days. I've missed him here on RFF and wondered about him. He will be missed.
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Leave the lights on
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Roger you have been a tremendous influence on countless folks like me. I for one affirm life and pray for a miracle. Never give up. Our prayers are with you.
Akiva S.


Cameras, Lenses and Photos
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Old 04-03-2019   #68
Registered User
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Very sad to hear this. Thank you, Roger.
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Old 04-03-2019   #69
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Very sad news .

Dear Roger, thank you very much for all your excellent work and your outstanding support of the photography community.
We pray for a wonder. God bless you.
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Old 04-03-2019   #70
Digited User
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The world may become a dimmer place, in mood and intellect.
Thank you Roger.

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The FlickR

"To ∞, and beyond!" B. Lightyear, 1995.
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John Lawrence
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As others have said, this is terribly sad news.

Roger has always been a beacon of light in a sea of photographic mediocrity, providing a sensible, safe and honest passage through the choppy waters of rigged reviews, fake gurus and hyperbole. I truly think it's impossible to read any of the books that he's authored or co-authored with Frances without getting a sense of the genuine warmth and enthusiasm of the man.

As an eloquent writer, I'm sure he'll probably groan at the above - but it is heartfelt, as are my thoughts and prayers for both him and Frances.

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Old 04-03-2019   #72
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I first ran into Roger many years ago reading shutterbug and always looked for his articles. I bought my first Leica after studying another of his articles, an M3. Later Roger helped me find out what my M3 was, It's a bitsa, bits of this and bits of that.

We all must go sometime but it's still hard to lose someone much respected and, yes, loved by many.

Thank You So Much and Grace and Peace to you both.

Joe Showalter
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Old 04-03-2019   #73
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Just to add my thanks to Roger for his contributions. Sometimes contentious and sometimes mis-interpreted but the forum would be poorer without his sort to challenge us and educate us. I wish you all the best Roger.
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Old 04-03-2019   #74
Dad Photographer
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These are indeed very sad news. I have been studying cancer epidemiology for several years now, and I wish that there are no cancer cases anymore. I wish Frances all the strength. and I wish Roger no pain.
- Raid


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Old 04-03-2019   #75
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I'm sorry to hear this news too...


Portfolio: www.richcutler.co.uk
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rangefinder user and fancier
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This is very sad news indeed.

Miracles can happen if we use our minds and the power of positive thought in the RFF community, to alleviate his suffering or even succeed in making Roger cancer free .
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Old 04-03-2019   #77
Always Trying
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Very Sad, Amen.
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Old 04-03-2019   #78
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Very sad to hear this! Roger's knowledge, humor, and sensibility will be greatly missed in the online film photography community.
Ugly Cameras
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Old 04-03-2019   #79
Peter Jennings
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I feel fortunate to have encountered Roger here. I will miss him. I wish him dignity and peace for the rest of his time on Earth.
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Devin Bro
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“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die anytime.” -Mark Twain

Have a peaceful journey Roger. Hope you are surrounded with family and friends!
Made in Michigan

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