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Old 09-30-2016   #41
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Yeah, I'm going to pick up this lens.
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back alley
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i carry the 23/1.4 as my daily user...having a smaller lens might be nice.
i bought & sold the 35/2 but the was mainly because of fov...i've never been much of a 35 (50s) user...but a small 23 could be fun.

but, to be truthful, i'd rather have the 90.
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Michiel Fokkema
Michiel Fokkema
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I actually did buy it this week. The 23/1.4 I also own is way to big for me. I just don't bring it. The 23/2.0 is a very nice size and with iso6400 on my Xpro2 I don't really need 1.4.
So, my 23/1.4 with the super cool metal lens hood is for sale. The lens is hardly used.
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I picked up a 35mm f2 to replace an f1.4 version I sold a while back, and it's definitely not anywhere near as nice a lens - for me anyway. Conversely, the 23mm f1.4 is my absolute favorite lens for the system. I think I'll be sticking to the f1.4 glass for this system.
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Old 09-30-2016   #45
Reciprocity Failure
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I will definitely be picking this lens up. My favorite focal length on the XPro cameras, by far - and finally in the right size. The 1.4 was too large to be useful.
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I'm waiting on B&H
Old 10-01-2016   #46
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I'm waiting on B&H

I seldom shoot wide open mostly between f4 and f8. I guess I'm not that picky. If a lens basically works I'm satisfied. I don't find the problems folks speak of with the 18mm. Like a number of folks mentioned I too hope for a E3 WR. The 23mm 1.4 on my X-E2 attracted attention while the 18mm, 27mm, and 35mm f2 do not. Plus the size and weight on the E2 is not very well balanced for my hands.

I sold my 23mm 1.4 and ordered the 23mm f/2 at the end of August not long after the announcement. Now I'm awaiting delivery from B&H. I noticed today that my status changed from 'back ordered' to 'pending'. Is this a sign? What is Fuji's ship date on this lens anyway? I also noticed that B&H may be closed for half the month, sheesh!

UPDATE: my lens arrived today. Took a few test shots. Looks to be a good'un. One thing I instantly notice was how fast it focused. Plus my copy is silent. Usually I hear something.
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Old 10-01-2016   #47
Ride, dive, shoot.
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Got the lens today. I was out riding bike when it was delivered so I haven't taken much of photos with it other than obligatory cat shots.

Here is a couple of cell phone pics of the lens on X-Pro2.

With the stock hood.

With LH-XF35-2 (which works on 23/2)
- Sug

b/w guy.

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Old 10-03-2016   #48
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Looks good on the body...
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Old 10-08-2016   #49
Matty Westside
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Mine came in last week although I still have yet to shoot with it. Heading to Maui and Chicago next week so I'll put it through its paces then. Biggest thing I'm happy about is the fact that the filter size is the same. Finally! That was something always frustrating about Fuji lenses in that so many of them are different filter sizes so you're left carrying multiple filters or a ton of step up/down rings.

As one would expect, it's extremely similar build quality-wise to the 35 f2. Most notable difference is just how long it is with the lens hood on.

Below isn't an apples to apples comparison of the size, but you get the idea.

35 f2

23 f2
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Old 10-08-2016   #50
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Hmm..replace my 18/2 with 23/2?

I'm not really happy with 18/2 sharpness and AF speed, but I like the focal length.
My other lens is XF 35/1.4 , Camera; XE-1 (upgrade to XE3 in my wish list)

"It is significant that the greatest creative photographers use simple, basic equipment..." Ansel Adams, The Camera.
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Old 10-09-2016   #51
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Not being happy with the 18's focus speed while owning the 35/1.4 is sorta weird. The 18 is blazing fast compared to the 35/1.4 and will lock focus on near anything even in low light pointed at a white wall. I've owned both with an E1 as well as my current xp1 and E2.

I'd put focus speed in line with my 23/1.4, but with higher reliability in low light.
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Old 10-09-2016   #52
skopar steve
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Just picked up the 35mm 2. WR . It's the first prime purchased for my XE-1. Focuses fast and makes a compact camera lens combo. The 23mm 2. WR will be my next lens purchase.
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