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What Cameras Are the most and least FUN?
Old 08-27-2016   #1
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Smile What Cameras Are the most and least FUN?

Please consider the question carefully.

"What Cameras Are the most and least FUN for you?"

The answers can easily be different from your choices of
1) Your Favorite Cameras
2) Your choice for BEST cameras
3) Most reliable cameras
4) Sharpest lenses

The most fun cameras for me, in no order

Nikon F2 - easier faster than the Nikon F, mechanical perfection compared to the later Nikons

Leica M2, M4, M5, M6 classic, MP All are easy and fast to use.

Nikon SP - a wonderful combination of easy fast and often unique features

Olympus Pen F film system - there is no other half frame that compares

Olympus OM system - small light versatile, but not as reliable as Nikon or Canon. I prefer the OM1 & OM2.

Olympus XA and XA4 - unique wonderful shooters

Pentax & Fujica Screw mount cameras - great optics, small size, though the Fuji screw mount bodies suffer reliability probs. Use their lenses on other cameras.

Canon T90, F1 (new or old), RT - to me the best of film Canon SLRs.

Pentax MX - small, light, great lenses. I prefer it over the more feature laden LX.

Exakta 35mm SLRs - these bodies and lenses are SOOOO strange they elicit looks of disbelief when you carry them.

Voigtlander R3M & R4M - no other rangefinders have so much bang for the buck

The Leica A and the Argus A - these early cameras established popularity of the 35mm camera platform. Use them to appreciate how far photography has come.

Leica III and Contax II - the two leading 35mm systems before WWII.

Canon L-1 - its combination of features and solid construction are more fun for me than the other Canon RF's including the Canon P and Canon 7s.

Well, that's enough for a start.

but remember,
fun is really between your ears.

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Nice idea. I was thinking about something in that line for a new thread: What's your second best / most loved camera. You know, just nearly perfect, but... damn, just so close...

Anyway, different topic. The by far most fun to use cameras I ever used:

- Epson R-D1
- Fujifilm GF670 Folder

I can't imagine having more fun with a camera than with these two.

Least fun... Really hard to say. I think, most modern DSLRs would drive me away from photography, if I had to use them regularly. Also most modern small sensor compact with endless menus and usability-concept made by drunken misanthropes, but no particular model. From the ones I chose myself (and so selfmade my sufferings) I think the Hexar RF comes close. Not a beauty, not to say plain ugly, and incredibly loud with a really annoying sound. Really did not like it.

PS: Just saw the Pen F in your list. Never tried one. I think, it would really be fun to use.
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Originally Posted by krötenblender View Post
I think the Hexar RF comes close. Not a beauty, not to say plain ugly, and incredibly loud with a really annoying sound. Really did not like it.
There is something strange about the RF's viewfinder too, it's hard to describe but it's got some kind of weird magnification issue compared to the viewfinder of my Leica M6TTL .58, in some way it's unpleasant to look through.

The most unexciting camera I think I've ever had is the Rollei 35S. A real pain in the neck to use in just about every way: loading the film, extending/retracting the lens, adjusting the exposure and winding on. The boxy shape isn't even that pocketable compared to the XA, for instance, and no rangefinder with a 40mm. What were they thinking?

As far as fun to use goes, just about any Leica M is great, the Canon L1 rangefinder, Nikon FM with MD12, Nikon D700 with a decent bounce flash, a Fujifilm X series with the 18-55mm, a Rollei TLR or a 6x6 SLR.
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Roger Hicks
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The ones that give me the best pictures.

This varies according to what I want to shoot.


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Most fun- Fuji Instax, any film Leica M, any Rolleiflex, Minolta CLE, Nikon FE2

Least fun - iPhone, any Sony, Nikon F6 (the results I get from it are identical to my Nikon F so why deal with all the buttons, menus, batteries?)
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Converted Polaroid Pathfinder 110 (to use Polaroid pack film) is sooo fun... Least? Not sure, maybe iphone...
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Erik van Straten
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The most fun were the Nikkormat FTn, the Leica M3, the Olympus Pen FT, the Contax G1, the Nikon S2, the Leica II and the Leica M5.

The least fun were the Ilford Sportsman 300, the Yashica Mat and the Nikon F Photomic FTn.

Exactly in between is the Contax I.

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Most fun:
1) Bush Pressman 4X5
2) My long gone Nikkormat FTN when using 35/3.5 PC lens
3) Leica IIIF

In that order.

Least fun: Nikon AF SLR's
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For a modern AF film cam: F100

MF film cams: there are many, but since I prefer the lenses over any other brand, I have to choose the Contax 159MM. 1/4000, great VF and focusing screen.

Oh yeah, these are in the most fun category. I have forgotten the least fun.
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Sometimes I think my Sony A6000 is simultaneously most fun and least fun.

Its fun because of the E-mount adapters that let me shoot with any kind of crazy lens I can find. That's the whole reason I bought it!

Its not fun because of its crazy short battery life, its hard-to-focus-manually EVF, its clumsy menu and the way it takes forever to get ready to shoot when I am in a hurry sometimes.
Nikon S2, S3, F, F2, F3, FM2, FA, N90S, D80, D7000, D750, Sony a6000, Canon IIf, Leica CL, Tower type 3, Zorki 4, Vito B, Perkeo II, Rollei 35....
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1. Pentax P3n. (my BessaR is in a close second)
2. Rolleiflex (any 6x6) but I have a T.
3. Brownie Hawkeye Flash (65 years and just cleaning).
4. Pentax 105mm f-2.4 (for a Pentax 6x7).
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To date, the most fun is the Nikon D500. Yes, it is fun for me to have blinding AF speed and 10 fps.

The least fun, by a mile, was the Mamiya C330.
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Emile de Leon
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Most fun...MF folders...but then there are light leaks and a host of other issues..
Least fun..Rollie 35S..
But that said..fun is in your own mind...not the camera...
All cams are fun once you make them so..
Creatively that is..
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Robert Lai
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I find cameras that are intuitive to use, don't require an instruction manual to be carried with you, and quick to get a picture without deliberation to be fun to use. With that definition:

Nikon F, F2, F3. I had an FG which was also a blast, until the shutter died.

Canon FTb. Not the FX, which tends to jam easily.

All Leica M - my cameras of preference when I want to get some pictures

Leica IIIG.
I had a IIIF-RD, but having to mess with the flash synchronizer was annoying. And, the slow speed dial on the IIIF had numbers randomly applied here and there instead of in sequence (as on the IIIG).

Cosina Bessa R - small and super reliable. An LTM M6.

Rolleiflex F models - compact, incredible image quality

Minolta Autocord - fun little sucker! Really good lens too.

Voigtlander Bessa IIIIW - fantastic wide angle lens, 6x7, auto exposure!

Polaroid 180. This thing was a blast, until Fuji killed off most of the pack film types.

Neither here nor there:
Other LTM cameras: Canon 7s (SLR size), and Leotax IIIS (slow 1/20 flash synch speed).

Zeiss Super Ikonta IV - small and light, but the front cell focusing Tessar needs to be stopped down. Not competitive with the Autocord or Rolleiflex 3.5F or 2.8F wide open.

Digital cameras (P&S). Mine are from the era when shutter lag was normal.

Least fun: Kodak Medalist II. This thing is a beast to carry. You NEED to carry the instruction manual with you in order to load it properly. You can't hand hold it due to its "unique" body shape and long shutter release throw. Yet, it is very sturdily built (military grade, as the US Navy used them), and that lens is incredible. A tripod camera.
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Ronald M
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4x5 field camera, Zone 6 in my case.

Then digital M and high end Nikon digitals.
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PF McFarland
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Most fun would be any working FSU camera. It's great to have someone rush up to get a look at your "Leica".

Least fun is a non-working FSU camera.

Waiting for the light
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Most fun would be Pentax 67, followed by leica M and Olympus OM. For digital, x-pro1/2.
Least fun would be any crop sensor DSLR.
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The cameras that are the most fun for me to use are Leica rangefinders.
With my favorite being the M5.
My FM3a is also a fun camera to use, and once my Rolleiflex Wide comes back from service it will hopefully be a fun camera to use.

Least fun? Nothing really comes to mind on using a camera that wasn't fun.

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CK Dexter Haven
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Hasselblad 203FE — instant-return mirror, metering, 6x6 goodness.
Contax RX — gorgeous, precision, smooth operation.
Nikon FE2 — about as 'retro' as i want to get in an SLR.
Pentax LX — although the two i tried didn't work, the build is nice, and the viewfinder is spectacular.
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II — immense camera for immense pictures.
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Darkroom printing lives
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Most fun (not in any particular order):
- Olympus OM (any of them)
- Leica M4-P (of course)
- Olympus Pen-F
- Ricoh GR1
- Rolleiflex
- Super Ricohflex
- Mamiya Universal Press
- Nikon F3
- Contax 137MA
- Canon T90
- Mamiya NC1000 (reliable, high-quality lenses)
- Zenza Bronica C (*KA-BLAMMM* shutter sound)
- Polaroid 195
- Sony A7 (it's fun because I can use my Zuiko and Contax C/Y lenses)

Least fun:
- Yashica GX series (a rangefinder with no manual control, no fun)
- Most 50's folders (they are cool, but fiddly to use)
- Contax G (I'm never happy shooting with that system)
- Canon F-1 (heavy, not a lot of fun)
- Mamiya C330 (literally like shooting with a brick)
- Most digital cameras
Have a good light,

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Great question!
  • Kodak No. 2 Brownie (great images from a very simple camera.)
  • Vest Pocket Kodak (Little hard to find film but a really fun camera to shoot.)
  • Graflex Auto RB (Pretend to be a male version of Dorothea Lange)
  • Crown Graphic 4x5 w/Grafmatic and real flash bulbs (Weegee anyone?)
  • Almost 2 years later, still the Leica M-A (simple perfection)
  • Lomo LCA 120 (greatest street camera ever made)
  • Wanderlust Travelwide (snapshooting 4x5)
  • Pentax K1000 (The toughest camera that Pentax ever made.)
  • Leica Standard or Null (How far we have come)
  • Century Universal 8x10 (Westonesque)
Least fun
  • Sears Tower 57
  • Most auto everything cameras
  • i-phone
  • I'm sure there are others but I actually enjoy working with most cameras...for awhile anyway.
You gotta love a fast lens;

It is almost as good as a fast horse!
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The most fun is the SX-70.

B2 (;->
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Crazy Fedya
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Even though I happen to own a tremendous amount of cameras and even more lenses to use with them, I would like to keep it very simple:
The most fun - Zeiss Ikon Tenax II with 40/2.8 Tessar. The most ergonomically wonderful camera to use for me. Image quality doesn't hurt the experience either.
The least fun - IPhone 6 or any other cellphone with built-in camera. It is as unbearable as it is convenient.
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Kostya Fedot
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No fun:
Everything with mirror or EVF.
Everything LF.
Digital Sony and Olympus.

P&S Panasonic LUMIX with Leica lens.
Agfa-Billy Record 6x9 Art Deco.
Kodak Toronto made Brownie 120 film.
Smena 8m.
Minox 35 with Minitar lens.
Rollei 35.
Leica IIf with collapsible Elmar 50 3.5 or copy of it.
M4-2 with Summarit 35 2.5 and 28 frames roll of hp5+ in it.
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The most fun camera is my old Pentax Auto 110... It got me hooked on photography. It's still fun.

Next was my old EOS 650 and my Leica M3, for completely different reasons. The EOS 650 metered complex photos easily and really well; the M3 requires much more thought with each shot, but delivers exquisite results quite often.

Almost all of my best images taken in the last year have been taken with my iPhone, and I really enjoy using it. It's really an excellent camera. That's an odd realization on a rangefinder forum, isn't it?

1917 No. 1A Autographic Kodak Junior
1940 Kodak 35 Rangefinder
1955 Leica M3
1969 Canon New Canonet QL17-L
1976 Konica Autoreflex T3n
1977 Canon 110ED 20
1979 Minox 35 GL
1979 Olympus XA
1980 Pentax Auto 110
1987 Polaroid Spectra
1996 Canon EOS Elan IIe
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The most fun cameras I've used are instant film cameras, of whatever type. I think if I had an SX-70 it would be that, for its close focus capability compared to my Polaroid 600 One Step (and for its better lens). The Polaroid 250 I borrowed was pretty cool too. Really liked FP-3000B. Dammit Fuji! But the Impossible new bw 600 film is not too bad.
happiest when shooting 35mm and 120 film
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Great discussion, and it's interesting to see what people like/dislike. Here's my somewhat unorthodox list, made up of cameras that for whatever reason stick out as notable for an interesting and enjoyable user experience:

Most Fun (no particular order):
- Kodak Pony series:
Neat little 1950s/60s 35mm cameras that oddly feel very comfortable and precise in hand, with nice & simple viewfinders and surprisingly good triplet lenses.
- Leica M3/M2:
For all of the obvious reasons especially the viewfinders and overall simplicity in use.
- Polaroid Automatic 100/250/350/360/450/etc.:
Great cameras and had some amazing 3X4 instant film made for them. Sadly Fuji is killing off the format, but I enjoyed the heck out of these things, and people really love the prints made from them.
- Kiev 4/4a:
Inexpensive copies of the Contax II, and when working properly, are a total blast to shoot with. The shutter at faster speeds sounds like it's slicing off a precisely portioned piece of light. The Russian glass is also generally pretty good.
- Clarus MS-35:
Yes, definitely an atypical camera to see on a "fun" list. I had a decent working example of this camera, and it was surprisingly fun to shoot. Definitely a funky old 35mm rangefinder, and that Wollensak lens was actually really good. Sadly, a properly functioning (more or less) Clarus MS-35 is a rare find.
- Canon Canonet (original model):
Not nearly as popular as later models like the compact Canon Canonet QL17, but I actually prefer the larger body and bottom-mounted wind lever. It's a great setup that is unique in the Canonet lineup, and makes for a great shooter. The f1.9 lens is decent, and the layout of the camera is simple and clean.
- Canon TL:
A nice, simple, easy-to-use Canon SLR from the 1960s. Super straight-forward to use, nice focusing screen, and a depth-of-field-preview lever that was incredibly comfortable and intuitive to use. Canon did a great job with the ergonomics on this model (and the nearly identical, higher-end FT). Just a neat and very under-rated line of cameras.

I won't go into much detail about the "Not So Fun"(why focus on the negative, right?), but I generally haven't liked using TLRs, scale-focus medium format cameras, or cameras with EVFs.
Using: Argus C3, Kodak Pony 135, Nikon N90s & Nikon D7000

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Michael Markey
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Depends on what I`m shooting .
Sports or street photography.

DSLR for sports because it has the reach and is really simple to use.

One of the Merrills for the outdoor ,more static stuff.
Although I have used it in circumstances where a DSLR would be more sensible because I like the different output.

Didn`t care for the Rollie 35s ...too small for my hands .

The M2 and M3 fall somewhere in between in terms of usage.
When I want to use a film camera I`m as likely to pick up a battered Pentax ME Super.

Now that`s a camera that I`ve always liked.
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The cameras I've owned that were the most fun to use have always been the compact, pocket type--Olympus XA, Panasonic LX5, etc. Also Polaroids and cameras like the Holga and various pinhole types. They weren't "serious" cameras so I generally just played around with them and enjoyed it. Sometimes I made halfway decent pictures with them.

Least fun? The new ones. Learning new digital cameras can be a frustrating ordeal with all those multi-function buttons and obscure modes. Once learned, no problem...I can then settle down and start using them effectively and, most times, enjoy them.
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Most fun:
- 645ProTl, dependable, lots of lenses for it, fits me well, delivers as I want it
- Practika MTL-3, never fails, lots of M42 glass around

Least fun:
- any folder
- any rangefinder
- any 6x7

Most frustrating:
- Sigma Foveons, gorgous output but that iso and battery use.
- Fuji GX617 always an expedition to take that along but the images.
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Chasing Shadows ... Light
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Well I used a Nikkormat when I was in School
an Oly OM1 till it broke
Lots of Ltm Barnacks

dabbled with Digital... Oly E1,RD1, Sigma DP, DP Merrills, Ricoh grd 1.2,3, M8, M-E, Fuji XE1, Leica X1,X2, had a Grand Time with them All

Had a Rolleiflex and a Mamiya 645 for a week, all in Good fun

But what always wins my heart is a Leica M Film body

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Most fun:

1. Anything instant. Love my Instax Wide, SX-70, Land peel-apart film cameras. Instant is a crowd pleaser even in the digital world, and Instant film is my party drug.
2. Large Format. I love the look and feel of large format, I love the thoughtfulness and the way the world looks upside down and backwards. 4x5 is fun, 8x10 is really fun if you don't mind lugging the gear.
3. TLRs. Always had a soft spot for them and love using them, and people enjoy having their photo taken with one.

Least fun?

Honestly, I can't think of much that isn't fun, to me. The good stuff is fun because it's just so awesome, and the bad stuff just makes me laugh at how bad it is. Photography is not fun for me when it simply doesn't work. When film comes back double-exposed or light-leaked to hell, or when instant prints come out of the camera and didn't work even a little bit. Or when a camera breaks while using it. That is the ultimate not-fun.
Please, call me Erik.
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"I decided to stop collecting cameras and become a photographer."
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Most FUN - more or less in order:

Pen FT (half-frame)
Voightlander Bessa L w/25
OM-2n... hell, any film OM!
Kiev II
Zorki 1d (My Leica wannabee)
Nikon F
Nikon 2020
Canon G5 (Had to add at least one digital)

BUT>>> My most used is the venerable Olympus E-1 dslr.
Rick Beckrich

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All of my current cameras (Leica M-P, Nikon Df, Canon 7D Mk. II) are, for me, quite fun to use, each in their own niche. Otherwise, I would not have bought or kept them. However, I recently picked up a 28-70mm 2.8 AF-S Nikkor that has decidedly been not fun to use on the Nikon Df, as it weighs a ton. First lens purchase in many years that has not agreed with me.
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But you can call me Steve
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Another opportunity for me to rave about the Epson R-D1. There's something about the shutter cocking lever that just makes me feel all HCB. The fact that it creates the nicest files is frosting on the cake. Next in line would be the X100 I guess, though the M9 files are so very satisfying too. But for pure fun taking pix, hands down the Epson.
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In no particular order:

-Favorite cameras: Leica M7, Hexar AF, Ricoh GR1v, LOMO LC-A. (can you tell I like AE?) and HOLGA 120 for cheap med format and good subversive toy. Oly PEN 'W'/'S' for half frame of course.

-choice for "best" cameras: Contax T3, Minolta TC-1, Oly Mju II, Ricoh GR series for portability, lens quality and ease of use. Literally pocketable and very lightweight.

-most reliable: NIKON FM2N, LEICA M2/M6TTL, OLY OM1n/2n/ PEN FT, HOLGA 120!

-sharpest lenses: Summicron 35 v.4, Summicron C, Minolta Rokkor 28mm, Contax G 45 Planar, Rolleiflex 2.8F Planar, T3's Sonnar f2.8, MS optical Perar,
Zuiko on Olympus Pen W!

Most frustrating to use: Argus AF, any LF camera, Bolsey B2 (I'd rather fiddle with a Leica IIIf which is not frustrating at all. Actually pleasurable).

MOST FUN: DIGITAL HARINEZUMI!!! Polaroid SLR 680, Minolta CLE: like an M7 but much lighter! Ricoh GR1v, Fuji TW-3...

Least fun: Canon 5D.

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But you can call me Steve
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Oh, the least fun. As a 70 year old arthritic with five herniated discs, the Mamiya RZ67 is without a doubt my least "Fun" camera. Still, I use it.
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....have to state that cameras are a filter for ASD , so ultimate results are less crucial , having got That shadow out of the way ...
Most comforting / fun ?
My 1st SLR , 1971 Prinzflex STTL / 50 F2 Takumar , Chinon Clone . Heavy , loud , indestructible , underrated . Pure familiarity and muscle memory .
Any Minolta SRs / 7v / SRT especially a black one !
My Kontax Kiev clones , rescued basket case Contax I I and Kiev II / III , selenium meters .
Leica Digilux 3 / Panasonic L1 with compact Olympus lenses - OK , the Leica zoom is great , but the bulk and weight is not fun !
Curiously Fuji X-Pro 1 , nom 41mm though I have only had it for weeks and making miss takes , it just suits me somehow.

Non-fun my functional Sony A 35 , reasonably compact , but no soul .
Pentax K10d - lost touch with the bulk and odd colour balance .
FSUs which look great but literally grate , despite being CLA again !

Middle ground . Leica M8 CV 35 f2.5 when I am in that groove .
Surprisingly , cheap and cheerful very simplified Sony A290 which , in size etc , should be indee fensible , but permits my 1997 Minolta 35-80. crops to my fave 51-120 and the sensor has lovely colours .

Amedeo Contaxed Leica M8 + Brian Sweeney J3 + Helios .CV 35mm f2.5 Fed 50 collapsible
Classic Leica Dig3 / Panasonic L1 Olympus zooms
Quirky Pentax K-S1
Fuji X-Pro 1 and X-M1 joined by neat X-T1

Contax/Kiev hybrids - Contax II silver /tan , Contax III + Kiev IV meter etc , Contax II , Kiev shutter from parts camera .
Minolta SR1s/SR7v/SRTs various !

Puns,Cameras and snapshots keeping ASD and dees'ruptive Girl/Boy/Me?' dee'structive dee'sorientation contained.
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To me, photography is a serious pursuit (Elliot Erwitt not withstanding :-)

"Enjoy" ?? yes, I enjoy using all my cameras or I would no longer have them.

It is possible my "enjoy" may overlap with others' idea of "fun."

Currently enjoying the Fuji X E2

Bunch of Nikon and Fuji X digital stuff
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He's French, I'm Italian.
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Oh my!
I must to say that the M6 was the most fun except that film was never fun. Film resembled taking along your boyfriends sister as escort on romantic outings. But the camera, superb. Now fun is X100s.
Least fun but super fun results are anything SLR by Nikon...D3.... Meraviglioso!!! Very much the weight to carry but superb output.
But, my husband says, "What? Fun? Wine is fun, making love is fun, drinking and making love at the same time is fun... A camera? No! The images...yes, there is where the fun is."
He has the soul of a poet. And we are very much old and he still makes my stomach go crazy! Now, that is fun!

From editing suite in the Levant,

Mme, O
From a Levantine kitchen...
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