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Does the cold affect the meter in a R4M
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hiking/walking photog
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Does the cold affect the meter in a R4M

Hello, recently I have been going out shooting with the fresh snow that has fallen but have noticed my meter not working. I checked the batteries as they are brand new out of the packaging and will meter at home. I go outside and it wont meter at all. I also have an R2 with the same package and it will meter perfectly fine outside. It has been below freezing here. Not sure if its the cold causing problems or there might be a connection problem that might need a fix...?
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Out to Lunch
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Since the meter works inside but not outside with below zero temps, I suppose it's the cold... My Epson rangefinders don't like the cold either....
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Does the camera itself reach below-freezing, or is it just outside? If you keep the camera warm (usually it won't hit freezing because it'll be in your hands, coat, bag, etc) the batteries shouldn't slow/diminish. (But yes most types of batteries used, Alkalines particularly, don't last as long or effective when in the cold).

Cold weather can affect most electronic components, especially where the voltage needs to remain stable for operation.

PS: If it's a Real dry cold, you could get static electricity discharge showing up across your film as lighting bolts. But I've only ever seen that with electronic film advances where the film zips by much faster than hand cranks.
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Does the manual anywhere state a working range of temperatures the camera should operate under?

Unless the camera is built for it, the electronics in some units probably do suffer in colder temps.
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One unlikely but potential solution.. I use an R3A and in particularly bright light (I expect looking at snow could have a similar effect) the LED read out through the VF can become quite difficult to see. I normally find a slight shift of the eye brings it up faintly from the right angle. Of course if you know for certain that all battery charge is lost when outside then this won't be a solution but I mention it as I panicked the first time I came across the issue and first assumed it to be a battery fault.
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I noticed this week my R4a was signaling a weak battery when I was outside in cold weather, but I also felt it was likely just the cold, as it started only after the camera had been out for a while and stopped signaling it was weak after inside.

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