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Flaking paint!
Old 12-17-2019   #1
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Flaking paint!

Good morning, I recently received a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518/16. Visually it looks ok but the inside of the film chamber has lost most of its black paint. I suspect this may not be a huge problem but not good either! Can I assume that a matt black modelling type paint (suitable for aluminium) would do the job? Any other advice? Many thanks Chris
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Old 12-24-2019   #2
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Hello and welcome to the forum Wilco54. :-)

I can't help as I know almost nothing about almost everything, and even though I'd suggest rubbing off the flakes of paint and then repainting with the type of paint you suggest, I in no way endorse what I suggested as it's a as likely to be the wrong thing to do as it is likely to be the right thing to do.
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PF McFarland
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It will cause internal reflections that turn into light strikes on the film. You should remove as much of the flaking paint as possible because it's just going to keep on doing it. A good matte grade of modellers paint will work, as that's what I use for light blocking on lens elements and camera interiors.

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Old 12-25-2019   #4
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I find with the matt paint it needs to be stirred VERY WELL before use (at least, the one I use does). Seems the part of the paint that makes it matt sinks to the bottom of the tin and becomes a thick blob and that needs to be fully mixed back into the paint before use otherwise the result will be gloss.

If anyone knows of a matt paint that behaves differently then I would like to know.
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Old 12-25-2019   #5
Dan Daniel
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On a folder, almost the full light path is bellows. Not like, say, a TLR where the chamber between back of lens and film is a metal chamber.

Areas outside of the light path and film gate will have minimal reflection issues. Often areas like the film chamber have a darkened metal surface under the paint- bluing or such?

More than reflections, I'd be concerned about flaking paint. Every time you open and close a folder you create vacuums and wind currents. This will stir up any particles, and living in a universe ruled by Murphy these particles will find their way into skies, causing black dots and loads of fun with retouching.

So whatever you do with the existing paint and repainting, make certain that paint isn't flaking off.
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Old 12-25-2019   #6
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Before applying paint you will need to make sure you sand or scuff the metal or aluminum surfaces. (A red 3M scuff pad will work just fine.) The scratches on the surface created by the sand paper or scuff pads helps the paint adheres to the surface. This gives the paint good "mechanical adhesion" to the surface. It will prevent the new paint from flaking off.

Any flat or matt lacquer or enamel should work fine.

I would also second what monopix said about matte finishes; make sure you stir them well. The matting agents will settle to the bottom of its container.

Hope this helps.
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