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X100s Black and White Settings?
Old 02-02-2017   #1
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X100s Black and White Settings?

New owner of a X100s. I'm in the Sony camp and like to shoot B&W with my A6000 and 50/1.8 lens ( and the Zeiss 32 Touit ) occasionally. Bought the X100s recently and have been going over the settings and watching videos on youtube. Curious what settings other's are using for their B&W and if you don't mind, sharing a photo or two using those settings.
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I shoot Raw with the camera set to B&W. The Raw files are, of course, color but the development software can be used to return the image to B&W. JPEG monochrome files are nice too but I found myself spending just as much time in Lightroom, tweaking the JPEGs, as I do for Raw development and adjustment.

When shooting JPEG, I would leave all the camera adjustments (sharpness, etc.) on zero and use Lightroom for those adjustments.

Fuji does good B&W files. You just have to play with the camera and your software to get a feel for what you like.
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I am in agreement with Dogman on this. As a way of "seeing" the image in b&w, the EVF shows in monochrome. I prefer to check the RAW files in Silver Efex Pro with various filters to see which works best for me. I have the camera set to Green filtration most of the time to see any effect on skin tones but sometimes change to the Red filter to see the effect on a blue sky.
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Well 'me three' for raw.

If you want, you can set the camera to a B&W JPEG mode (just experiment and see which one you prefer), Then, when you use the EVF you can compose in B&W. Also, the in-camera preview will be in B&W.

Pro labs offer B&W prints on rag ('art') papers... including Ilford silver gelatin papers. I have enjoyed nice results from MPIX. The key is to find a lab who offers laser based true monochrome prints.

I can't abide home printing even though some people enjoy it.
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Old 05-10-2017   #5
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I like high contrast B&W. I used to use the Monochrome + Red, but for most scenes I shoot, it's too contrasty. I find the regular Monochrome is best all-around without always having to switch between different B&W profiles. +2 on Shadow and +1 on Highlights. I used to set Hightlights to +2 as well, but, again, in some scenes, highlights tend to get overblown. +1 gives me some headroom.
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I have been mostly shooting Raw+Fine with jpeg mode in Monochrom+R film simulation (alas no ACROS on my x100s). I tend to use the spot meter mode to basically set the mid gray in any given scene. 99% of the time, happy with the jpegs with minor adjustments and tweaking the black point a little. I do the editing on my iPhone actually using the native Photos app or Darkroom. Move files using an Eye-Fi SD card.
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