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Kodak Retinette issue. Stuck focus/distance dial.
Old 10-19-2017   #1
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Kodak Retinette issue. Stuck focus/distance dial.

I have a Kodak Retinette type 030, which looks to be in good condition. Pictures below.



By this, I mean that it is very clean for its age. The film forward and rewind work well and are smooth. As is the shutter button and the film transport. Even the self-timer work well.

On the front of the camera, around the lens, the aperture dial turns very smoothly and the aperture blades open and close smoothly also. I can also move the shutter speed dial, but whatever setting I put it on, the shutter appears to fire at the same speed at all times (apart from Bulb).

However, the focus/distance dial is stuck solid and won't budge.

Any suggestions?

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Old 10-19-2017   #2
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Join Date: Oct 2012
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Ah, OK. I've found a YouTube video of the exact same camera.

Where the chap is turning the focus/distance dial here...


... the dial on my camera is stuck solid.
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Old 10-19-2017   #3
Steve M.
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I'm not really sure what you mean by "the focus dial". The lens focuses, there is no dial to focus the camera. If you mean that the lens focus is stuck, it is surely dried lubricants on the helicoil, so squirt some lighter fluid, 91% alcohol, some such thing on the seam where it focuses, let it sit over night, and hope for the best the next day.
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Sometimes it helps to warm gently for several minutes around the lens, for instance with a hair dryer, and then try to turn the focus firmly. It may take more force than one expects for a precision instrument, you may need to grip with a rubber sheet or similar aid.

The best solution would be to disassemble the lens, clean the old grease and relube very sparingly. I have no experience with that model, though.
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Old 10-20-2017   #5
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Thanks folks.

Yes the scale focus dial. It's 'frozen' solid. I'll give those methods a go.

That said, the shutter speeds seem to be all over the place - firing at various degrees of fast. And the shutter has now started to lock open sometimes. This is probably out of my ability to fix. I'll probably just stick it on a shelf somewhere.

Any suggestions for dealing with slightly musty/damp smell? I think that camera has been in a cupboard for 50 years. It's not mouldy at all, I think it's the leather covering which is smelling.
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I just bought a Retina 1b with a stuck shutter, so I commiserate. I'll be studying how to free it up, and watching this thread for ideas.

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