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Zorki 4K and Jupiter 8 Questions
Old 09-18-2019   #1
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Zorki 4K and Jupiter 8 Questions

So I'm new to the Rangefinder Forums and I thought it'd be a good place to ask about my newly acquired Zorki 4K and Jupiter 8 lens.

Firstly, with the Jupiter 8, the aperture ring goes past f/2 and doesn't go any further past between f/11 and f16 (only by ~4-5mm), as if it's stopping too early, but the distance it goes past f/2 is the same distance it stops before f/22, (if that makes any sense at all!!) so it seems as if it has rotated out of line slightly. The aperture does seem to stop down all the way when looking through the lens, it's just like the ring and the markings are not lined up properly. How would I go about correcting this? All of the apertures are thrown off since it's all shifted, so it's difficult to choose the correct aperture.
Also, the focus ring and the aperture ring seem almost too smooth. When turning the aperture ring, it also turns the focus ring (but turning the focus ring doesn't move the aperture ring). So this means you have to set the aperture and then focus in that order, otherwise focus is thrown off. I find it better when all rings move independently. Is this normal? Or is my lens too lubricated or something else?

Finally, I'm having some problems with the Zorki itself; my rangefinder patch is vertically unaligned and also on slower speeds and especially Bulb, the second shutter curtain keeps sticking and moving across very slowly. I've heard these are pretty common problems but both need the top removing to fix. I'm going to use wolves3012's post to try and do a little CLA to try and get it working. So any last tips for a first-time at-home-repairer on the Zorki 4K would also be appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any help (also sorry for such a long post!)!!
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Kostya Fedot
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Return this junk.
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Originally Posted by Ko.Fe. View Post
Return this junk.
Agreed. There are plenty of perfect ones out there. Mine had zero issues (same combo like the OP).
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Zorki 4ks with jupiter lenses are so cheap and common it's worth getting a better example of both. The lens sounds like it needs a strip down and cla, though you might get away with re-greasing the focus and sorting the aperture ring by only removing the front element (not sure if this is how it comes apart).

As for the camera, you're right it needs a strip down and cla to sort the sticking curtain; that's pretty involved. the rangefinder alignment isnt hard though.

If you can send it back, do. If you want the project, go for it. best way to learn. but think about buying another, better example, too.
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