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Voigtlander Bessa Leica Mount Cameras Made in Japan by Cosina in partnership with Voigtlander, the many modern Voigtlander Leica Screw Mount and Leica M mount bodies offer inexpensive and often unique options into entering the world of Leica rangefinder photography.

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V-Bessa R2 Light meter issues
Old 03-08-2019   #1
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V-Bessa R2 Light meter issues

Hello All

New member with first post so excuse me if this has been touched upon before. I didn't see anything regarding this specific issue after an initial look through the threads.

The light meter of my Bessa R2 is not responding and it's going to cost a couple of hundred to fix, if at all, as among other reasons, they are quite difficult to get parts for...or so I've been told.

Is this an "issue" with these specific cameras? Im wondering if its worth going through with this or even getting a new one? I really really like this camera.

I shoot colour in very fickle conditions so I would need a quick read, otherwise if it were predictable and stable I would probably go with a hand held and be done with it..which brings me to my second question - is it possible at all to attach an external light meter to the camera..for example via hot shoe? Sorry if that sounds ridiculous but I really have no idea.

And last, if I were NOT to continue with this camera, what would be a very similar one around the same price range? What I love about this is it's got no bells or whistles...Just a light meter and thats it. Im guessing there is a Leica equivalent that I can mount my 35 Skopar lens to? But I'm also looking at in alternatives other than Leica. (and in black)

Thank you!
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Steve M.
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I assume that you've already installed a fresh battery, made sure it was put in the right way, etc. Normally these cameras have very reliable meters, but if yours is broken, I would suggest selling it as it is and buying a Bessa R. They can be found for what you were planning on spending to fix the camera that you have.
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oh hey, I had the meter die in my R2 as well. It was intermittent at some point, but now it just gives garbage readings, goes dim, or flickers. really really disappointing as that was like the best thing about the R2 vs a Leica or something (especially considering for not much more I could have bought an M5... at the time)

you could mount a meter to your shoe (VC meter would be great but I'm pretty sure the electronics are more or less the same as the bessa's meter... which is kind of ironic; Gossen digisix would also work okay) . Or I'd suggest selling the R2 and buying another camera with a meter. Bessa R s are kinda cheap, but otherwise it would be a R2M or Leica M5 and those are getting expensive. Maybe buy another R2?
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The battery contact pads are free of corrosion right I'm assuming?
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Old 03-14-2019   #5
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Thank you - yes Ive checked batteries and contacts. It's good to know theres the option to attach a light meter, Ill look into that. Thanks for the camera recommendations too!
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