Durst L900 repair (plastic gear)
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Unhappy Durst L900 repair (plastic gear)

Hello everyone,

I've bought Durst L900 several years ago, but it went with a small defect in the lifting mechanism.
There are a gear in the head and a gear plane (is that a correct term?) on the back of the column. They both got broken teeth.
Decided lately to order duplicates for both parts and put the enlarger back in order.

Well... I can't disassemble the head much enough to take the gear off (;
I've read service manual in French, but didn't find the answer.
Can anyone advise?

2019-05-12 00.45.15.jpg durst_l900_repair_front_side.jpg durst_l900_repair_back_side.jpg

Details so far:
1a and 1b stuck.
7 no idea what this is, but it doesn't look like a screw.
6 sits tight, can't take it off.
3 apparently not a screw.
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Steve M.
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Very surprised that they used plastic for those gears, as they get a lot of use and have to lift the head up and down for every print. I couldn't tell what needs to be done by looking at your photos. Nothing wrong w/ the photos, but I would need to see the enlarger in person to figure it out. It shouldn't be that difficult if you study it carefully and don't rush. They got the gears in there, they can come out. Just start taking things off from the top down and take pictures w/ your phone as every part comes off. It may be that the gear slides off the other way and you won't have to deal w/ those fasteners. Try some penetrating oil in the appropriate places if necessary, let it sit over night, then tap smartly w/ a small hammer before seeing if those fasteners will spin out.

Leave it to Durst to have such a simple job get real complicated. Great enlargers, but I essentially had to learn a foreign language that doesn't even exist to figure out which lens boards I needed for my smaller Durst enlarger. Those lens boards weren't cheap either.
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It is one of the major issue with Durst enlargers, that they used plastic parts at high wear points

I hate to be the one to bring in the bad news but this is hopeless as the mothership was never very good at providing aftersales services... If this is something you're doing for the sake of it then good luck, if you need an enlarger get a De Vere
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Borge H
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If I understand your text correctly, you want to replace part 2 and 4 in the picture. They must be mounted tightly together with high friction, otherwise the head of the enlarger will drop down. Or it is some kind of gear.

I would try to lay down the enlarger so that the weight of the head do not lock the gear. Or try to remove the head from the pole by lifting it up. I would then try to loose the bearing with 1a and 1 b, it looks like in-sex bolts on your pictures.

I agree with Steve M., if they could put it together you can dis-assemble it.
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