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Roger Hicks -- Author of The Rangefinder Book

Roger Hicks is a well known photographic writer, author of The Rangefinder Book, over three dozen other photographic books, and a frequent contributor to Shutterbug and Amateur Photographer. Unusually in today's photographic world, most of his camera reviews are film cameras, especially rangefinders. See www.rogerandfrances.com for further background (Frances is his wife Frances Schultz, acknowledged darkroom addict and fellow Shutterbug contributor) .

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This discussion is as old as art! Do cave paintings need an explanation, title or caption?

If a photo (or ay piece of art) needs a title or explanation by the creator, maybe it is not strong enough by itself?

What I find more important for any piece of art is to leave space for interpretation to keep the viewer engaged.
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Mark A. Fisher
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Nathan Lyons presented all of his work, over a large span of time, with no text, preferring a more cinematic presentation wherein the viewer could follow the progression in a linear fashion while still recognizing the interplay in nonlinear form, hoping the images would speak for themselves. Wright Morris, working primarily as a novelist, presented his images with extended captions/short story approaches. Jeff Bruows provides strong essays, and gives locations for each of his photos in "Approaching Nowhere". Walker Evans and James Agee created "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" placing equal importance (my opinion only) on the narrative as well as the image. All are remarkable works by remarkable artists. Diff'rent Strokes for Diff'rent Folks...
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mad mike
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I think I know what you are getting at!
However consider "Migrant Woman". Everybody knows the photo I am talking about but consider how difficult it would be without the title --- "You know that picture of the poor woman in the opening of her tent with the kids"
I often wish for a title/location when an architectural or similar post lacks one
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I recently printed thirty black and white landscapes from the desolate Westfjords region of Iceland. I'm not going to title them; they could only be identified with GPS coordinates, and I refuse to make up hokey names like "Lonely Mountain" or something even worse.
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I am not a big fan of descriptive titles, but within a body of work I sometimes find it useful to have a way of referencing the work without posting the actual photo... "Near Inagaki, Tsugaru City, 1960" by Ichiro Kojima. The same as with music, e.g. "Mahler Symphonie № 9".

With photo books (index) or exhibitions (catalog) the background story or descriptive can "add value" in the sense of historical reference... or context such as when viewing 'contact sheets'.
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Originally Posted by Huss View Post

Huss I know off topic but I always really liked that series. The one with the photo featured in that first link. I remember I commented on it one time on another site.
Big fan here bro.
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Kinda on topic here.
I know I have posted this here before. Winogrand kinda talks a bit about this I think about 1:26 in. Not a long piece so I say watch the entire piece. It is definitely worth a watch.
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