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List of ALL Canon Black bodies RF / SLR.
Old 02-13-2007   #1
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List of ALL Canon Black bodies RF / SLR.

I have been frustrated with my attempts to get a complete list of all canon R/F and SLR bodies that came in black or other than Chrome....I know there are fakes and my attempts with contacting Canon direct lead no where....I would appreciate any help in finding a list of all known Canon black bodies..I thank you in advance for any information ,Marc from Vancouver
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Ondrej P.
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Maybe try google images: black canon

Or we could help by writing what we know. So AFAIK these were made in black paint finish:
-canonet ql17 giii
-New F1
-AE-1 or AE-1program or both ?

Do you want also EOS bodies?
1, 1N, 1V, 10, 100, 1000, 5, 5000, 500, 3000 ...
and I think there were some special series for Japan market that were black even if for the rest of the world the same body was silver.
Ondrej [on-the-ray]
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Old 02-14-2007   #3
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If you mean a list of individual bodies by serial number, you're going to have a tough time (especially with bodies from the RF era, where fakes are most prevalent.)

Dechert's book says that Canon threw out many of their old production records during some misguided housecleaning in the early '70s (?) so their non-helpfulness may be in part simply because they don't know.
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Canon EF SLR body from the first half of the 70s came in black ONLY. The paint is very durable. Mine shows very little brassing. I have never seen a black Canon RF body in the 40+ years since I bought my first IVS2.
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They made black P's
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Old 02-27-2007   #6
Very confused
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I believe there were a few black 7's too (but not 7s's ... at least not out of regular production).
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Old 03-01-2007   #7
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HI Marc,

Drop me a line as I have quite a list as I to have been recording serial numbers of both lenses and bodies and whether genuine or fake. I have a few friends who own black bodies which are genuine. Myself...not as yet but do have two lenses.

Peter K
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Old 03-05-2007   #8
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Originally Posted by rogue_designer
They made black P's
Yea they did... but I doubt too many people will actually buy those for usage since the collectors tend to value them at anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 $ USD ( as opposed to the under 400$ you can sometimes get a chrome P for). Course be weary of the re-painted Ps

Far as the Black Canons I've seen

Well theres

Canon P
Canonet QL17 G-III
Canonet A35 (?)
F1 , F1n, A-1, AE-1, AE-1P
Many of the EOS/EF bodies

I'm sure there were quite a few shortly after the 60s, as they went into the late 70s-80s, Black = Professional, or least by consumer mentality.
Karl Blessing
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Canon Black bodies
Old 03-18-2007   #9
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Canon Black bodies


The most difficult question asked
Problem is when is it original? If we say original black from factory then I think we have:
Vt De Luxe
Canonflex RP
F-1 and its variations (High Speed, n, N, FR, FRb)
AE-1 P
Pellix QL

I know that from the RF bodies some other variations are known, but are they real? Sometimes we see black bodies with a chromish underground. I doubt that this is factory black. Why should a manufacturer go to the trouble of chroming (heat!) and then paint it (heat again)?
Maybe someone can proof that I am wrong.
And then we have some artists who paint camera's afterwards. Some even go further. They take the chrome of and have brass bodies and paint it then. These bodies are hard to expose as fake.

My two cents,
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Old 03-18-2007   #10
rangefinder user and fancier
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the L1, VIT, & VIL were also made in black paint finish.
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Old 03-18-2007   #11
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The T50, T60, T70, T80, and T90 were all black too.

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Old 03-19-2007   #12
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Just did a chart from my database on the BLACK Canon rangefinder cameras that I have recorded so far. Here is a list of the model to date.

1. IVSB.......yes there were two and one is pictured in Peter D's book on page 122. These were specially coated bodies for some VIP's at the time. Strangely, but back in 1995 when I first started to collect I was offered the sister to the PD's IVSB............WAY toooooo expensive then and still would be.
2. VTD.....VT de Luxe
3. VTDM....Vt de Luxe with metal curtains.
4. L1
5. VI-T
6. VI-L
7. P
8. Model 7..............have not recorded any 7s or 7sz.

I have recorded around 50 examples and looking at the data some of the cameras were produced in batches. The serial # of the camera bodies are within 50-100 numbers of each other. There are features on original black cameras that re-paints seem to miss and usually this is the indication that it is a fake. My database also helps to a certain extent.

Am glad that Canon RF cameras have angular ends and are the only Leica copies (could be wrong) that has this feature otherwise we would be inundated with failed copies.

Should add, that there were only three lenses that were made for the BLACK cameras and ALL have black aperture rings with white infil. These were the

1. 35mm f/1.8
2. 50mm f/1.2....infinity lever is also black.
3. 50mm f/1.8

The only accessory I know of that was produced in BLACK was the V clip-on meter and the rare Booster that was offered as an optional extra.


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Old 10-15-2009   #13
Benny Ng
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Does anybody have a picture of the booster for the V clip on meter? Would really like to have a look at it. Thanks!


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Old 10-15-2009   #14
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Originally Posted by bennyng View Post
Does anybody have a picture of the booster for the V clip on meter?
There's one on Peter Kitchingman's site, you can find it on Google.
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Old 10-16-2009   #15
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I have:
black FTb, first version (almost perfect)
black F1, second version
black F1N AE (1 highly used, 1 mint)
black F1N standard (highly used)
black T70
black T90 x2

what I have seen in person:
black F1, first version
black 7
black P

Rangefinders used:
Canon IV Sb2; 7s x2; B&H 7; FED 2.f modified for Canon 0.95
Canonet QL17 GIII; Kodak Retina II; Moskva 5; Zeiss SI folder; Medalist II

Rangefinders lenses used:
Canon/Seranar 50/0.95; 50/1.8; 50/1.9; 85/2.0; 100/3.5; 135/4
FSU I50; J3
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Old 10-16-2009   #16
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Although it may not be high on anyone's collectability list, the A35F is all black.
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