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Ko.Fe nailed it in the second post, though I would keep one film M.

Keep in mind just because you use digital doesn't mean you have to upgrade to the latest brand new piece of kit. Buy a used M10.
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somewhat colored
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I regularly sell off equipment I am not using ... I just don't like it cluttering up my closets and storage cabinets. Or my mind...

Anyway: I'm not you so it is hard to recommend what to keep or sell as if I were you. For me, though, it's been about a half year or more since I exposed any film other than Polaroid, and of the digital cameras I haven't already sold off, only the Leica M-D 262 has gotten any real use. The M-D, to me, is special because it's the closest thing in use to a film M that any digital camera can be. All of the shooting benefits of a digital camera with none of the distractions. So, right now, I could easily say "dump everything but your favorite M and your lenses, that's enough for anyone." But I'd recommend upgrading to a newer digital M (M10, M-D, M typ 240, etc) because the M8 and M9 are probably the most fraught cameras Leica has produced in decades.

BTW: That's no reflection on Leica ... it just points out how difficult it was to build a digital version of the M. Remember that as of 2003-2004, Leica was still saying they weren't sure it was even possible. The technology of digital sensors has advanced tremendously since the M8 and M9 ... Far as I'm concerned, the M typ 240 was really the first camera that realized the digital M goal. The typ 262 and M10 go nicely, incrementally, beyond that.
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I did something similar late last year but I shoot far more 35mm film than I do medium format. I do still have my Hasselblad though and use it when the moment is appropriate.

I kept my M-A and sold everything else and purchased an M10 new. The pair is perfect for me and I'm quite happy with it. However I went even further and centralized on one lens as well (for this year, I may add more in the future). I like the freedom it affords me and keeps me from trying to fret over what equipment to use.

I think you're on the right path though, unless you specifically want to collect cameras, there isn't a huge reason to keep so many around.
- Abram

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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
I regularly sell off equipment I am not using ... I just don't like it cluttering up my closets and storage cabinets. Or my mind...
This seems to be the dividing line... some get overwhelmed by having too much and some don't. I've always been the type that can't have a lot of equipment laying around that I don't use (even if I don't need the money). Some of my friends can have tons and have no problem with it not being in use.
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David Hughes
David Hughes
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Another interesting dividing line is those who are happy with what they have and those lusting after the latest manifestation.

As I see it anyone happy with the M film cameras should be happy with the M9, which has a few more facilities that are unique to digital, yet they all want more and that will make the film M's seem old and obsolescent...

Regards, David
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Kostya Fedot
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I'm happy with what I have, because I have no money to be even more happier
Even if I sell M-E, M3 and all M lenses, still no money for M10.

So, I agree with David. M9 line or even M8 feels on pair with film M. ISO 3200 results looks very identical and so is minimalist handling, functionalities.

But If I'll have half-a-dozen M then I'll be with Godfrey and Abram
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Originally Posted by aizan View Post
i agree with them. i'd keep my favorite film m, sell all of the other stuff, and get an m10.
There's no chance I'd keep any M8 today (10mp cropped sensor and IR-Cut filters). And IMHO the M10 far out classes the M9 with better dynamic range and image capacity.
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Out of your list, I would be most interested in keeping the M3 and M9 (or sell that and get as new of digital as you can), and a 35/50/long lens for them to share, or maybe two 50s so you can keep a lens on both and have a "character/interesting" option and a straight/modern option.

Bring the M3 out when you want to bring one camera, throw the M9/M10/whatever in a bag with the P67 and get an entirely different view.

Work to 35mm's strengths, when you choose to use it.

Good luck with the process, I'm going through a similar clearing/rationalization of my 35mm collection and it's tougher than I thought.
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Originally Posted by css9450 View Post
What, no M4? Tell your wife you need an M4.
I think this guy is on to something..
The single fastest way to become a better photographer is to become a ruthless editor.

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Sell it all.
Use that money to buy 120 film and a ticket to somewhere you've never been.

Phil Forrest
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Maybe this is the wrong place to say this, but unless you love old cameras for their mechanical charm (which I do), just sell them all and buy a good modern digital - and I don't mean a Leica.

If you really want a film camera to actually use occasionally in preference to your digital, then 35mm is not a sensible choice because most digital cameras are better in every way. Medium or larger film formats still have some advantages over digital for certain applications.

There, that should have upset a few people.
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What did you end up doing? I'd definitely unload everything except an M3 or M2 and get an M10. It sounds like you've got way too many lenses too. You should definitely sell that M8 and M9 first though. If you sold all that stuff and narrowed it down to 1 or 2 50s and 1 or 2 35s and 1 of each other FL you have that you actually use you could get an M10 and Mamiya 6 or 7 and be all set.
M3 / IIIg / Rollei 3.5E3
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