My very late Leica M10 Review
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My very late Leica M10 Review

I just finished my image-heavy review of the Leica M10 after about eight months of ownership. I hope you enjoy my review, which is a follow-up review of late Leica M240 review I did a couple of years ago. But most importantly I hope you enjoy the photographs.

Check it out at:
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It may be a bit late'ish - but the review is very well written from photographer's point of view.
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Photos are about the same, but one. And one is different. Or maybe two. I would have expected more different photos after such a mature period of time Or less repetitive ones.

EVF part is something I couldn't agree more.
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Nice pics and otherwise a waste of your time.
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Thank you Borge for sharing your obvious inspiration here. I smiled regarding your remark about the EVF. Although I occasionally use it with X cameras, when my MM came back after months away for repair, and I'd been using the Sony RX1, the first thing I realized was how much I missed the real window, and how it inspired me to click the shutter. I imagine one day I will pick up an M10 to see and feel for myself what a great camera it is.

And I enjoyed seeing images here from your adventures in Norway.

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I mean thanks for your effort here, but I knew from the first time I saw it is exactly what I wanted... I didn't need any reviews I just knew it was going to be good and a winner.. M10-P is what it should have been from the get go... typical Leica...
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Great. Thanks for sharing. I have your page bookmarked and it looks like I will be reading Indergaard this week during lunch.
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Originally Posted by borge View Post
I just finished my image-heavy review of the Leica M10 after about eight months of ownership. I hope you enjoy my review, which is a follow-up review of late Leica M240 review I did a couple of years ago. But most importantly I hope you enjoy the photographs. ...
Nice work, but after reading your review (as with all prior M10 reviews I've seen), I have no motivation to part with my M-P 240.
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Originally Posted by BillBlackwell View Post
Nice work, but after reading your review (as with all prior M10 reviews I've seen), I have no motivation to part with my M-P 240.
MP240 user here. Just got myself an M10.

The shutter sounds weird and louder. I was expecting a bigger improvement in high iso, but it seems that 3200 is the max acceptable (to me), so not a big change from the MP240's max for me at 2500. The colours feel too cold out of the camera. The battery life is considerably worse than the MP240 as stated, but the camera heats up considerably and it feels odd.

So far, not enjoying shooting with it. I was going to sell the MP240 after I got the M10. Not the case - might even sell the M10 instead.

Let's see how I get used to shooting with it.
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M's Then and Now
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M's Then and Now

I bought my first M, an M2R in 1967. It was expensive then. I traded it for a Triumph TR3 sports car when I bought my M4 which I still have as well as an M6. Buying a Leica was always a big expense. I've always had to save to purchase one.

My first digital Leica was the first Monochrom, I thought that was big deal then. I still love it! The images from it do look like film to me.

My first color digital Leica is the M10. I saved two years for it.

I very much love the thing too, but realistically the Live View option is a now and then thing. It does heat the camera and is hard on the battery. If I shoot it like film camera, which I do, it's wonderful and the battery has plenty of life.

The higher ISO has issues, but one must learn to use it and be very careful as to the type/color of light source is available, then it is wonderful. I love being able shoot slower older lenses with character in even the lowest of light.

I chose the M10 over the 240 because of it's size and simplicity.
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Excellent review, thank you so much for writing this! I also love the photos I was in Andalsnes last May and thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Norway.

Regarding the review, it was exactly what I was looking for. I'm currently using an M240 and have really been eyeballing the M10. Your direct and honest comparisons between the two were so helpful.

Based on your reviews, I may sit on this M240 a while longer - it's an amazing camera.
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Nice review, with excellent pics. This is one of the things that turned me off the M10:

Talking about the M10-P takes me to the next point. And this is a frustrating one for me and many others. The Leica M240 had a built-in horizon levelling tool. It worked really well, and made making levelled pictures either on a tripod or hand-held a breeze. For some strange reason Leica decided to take this feature away from the M10. This made absolutely no sense to me and many others, and on the Leica User Forum I even joked about the fact that I was sure that Leica removed this feature so that they could introduce it on the M10-P as a selling feature and reason for people to upgrade later. And guess what… I was right. One of the highlighted features on the M10-P is the reintroduction of the built-in horizon levelling tool.

That, and the fact that I can't tell any difference in the output.
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Thanks for the excellent review (and pics).

Before reading it, I wasn't aware that the M10 isn't the better camera than the 240 in every aspect. Size and weight are important, but not everything. Functional handling is everything for a Leica (or a RF, or a camera in general?) If so, fast ISO setting is more important than doing it with a separate, fix dial, which looks excellent in the first view.

Very often I use the +/- AE setting dial at FUJI's or other cameras, usually at -1/3. So I use this dial far more than the shutter speed dial (which stays mostly on AE setting). I tend to change my long-held oppinion regarding the need of a shutter speed dial (even most of my cameras have it).

Regarding the special question "M10 or 240?" this review is particularly helpfull, and I tend to share Huss' rating about the built-in horizon levelling tool of the 240. I'm so used to it, I even can't imagine a high level camera comes out not having this feature. With most pictures on monitors, a slant horizon is far more unpleasent than it was in the era of analogue prints. And it's quite hard to get it by hand without help.
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