Frame Lines? Any thoughts or suggestions
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Frame Lines? Any thoughts or suggestions

So I've been shooting my used M 240 like crazy but with a fairly large handy cap. The frame lines dont change!!! No matter what lens I put on the camera. the frame lines stay the same... I think they are the 28mm/75mm combo... I have a CV 50 1.1 and a super cheap but suprisingly nice 7 artisans 35 f2. Im loving the M240 so far. I only have those 2 lenses... is there anything I can try to get the frame lines to change without sending it in for repair? Im thinking mybe a lever is stuck or something but everything else works so well.. focus is right on and metering is very nice. What else can I try?
Leica M 240
Voigtlander 50mm 1.1
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Not sure what to do. The 240 has the "electronic framelines". But, they are determined by the length of a bayonet lug just the same. I don't know if you can look through the VF and fiddle with the actuator to see if frame lines change. Worth a 240 is away in the cabinet right now and I'm too lazy to find out. ��
BTW, I think the FL combos are 28-90, 50-75, and 35-135.
It's possible the 7artisans lens bayonet is just out of spec and not activating the proper FLs....
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M240 doesn't have a nice device, unlike M-P (240) which has the field lines lever.

Just try this before sending for repair :
1 - Mount your Nokton 50mm lens, as usual on the M240
2 - Look in the VF, you may see the "50/75" field
3 - Carefully depress the lens release button, and turn the lens clockwise (looking from front), you may hear a "clic" or not when field lines change
4 - Carefully look in the VF holding the lens and the M, not to let the lens fall off
5 - You must see the "35/135" field lines
6 - If not any change, the field lines selection is faulty.
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Unless it is different from other Leicas, the 35/135 framelines should show when no lens is fitted to the camera. They are the default set.
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