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View Poll Results: What is the Overall Best Value in Digital Rangefinder Cameras?
Epson RD1 family - all models 60 17.91%
Leica M8 / 8u 69 20.60%
Leica 8.2 23 6.87%
Leica M9 71 21.19%
Leica M9-P 11 3.28%
Leica MM 18 5.37%
Leica ME 20 5.97%
Leica M240 aka M aka M10 45 13.43%
Leica M-P 12 3.58%
Leica M60 6 1.79%
Voters: 335. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03-03-2016   #121
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Originally Posted by mani View Post
It's not just you.
I am sure it's not just me ;-)

Originally Posted by uhoh7 View Post
Seriously? Do you compare how a 28 looks with a 50 on the same body? How on earth could you ever choose which to use without comparing them?

I'd contend that of course you do, and you also compare all your platforms, but it's so innate you pass straight to the "being"
Obviously I did not express myself clearly... could be because English is my second language, I suppose.
What I was trying to say was: once I have camera in my hands, I don’t think “I wish I had different sensor, because this one is only giving me a cropped view”. I just walk back and forth to compensate for that. Poor man’s full frame compensation, I guess 
Of course I know that 28 mm will give you different field of view than 50 mm Even newbie as myself (not shot 100K images) knows that ;-)
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Old 03-03-2016   #122
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Originally Posted by Pikapig View Post
And not forgetting that camera is a gear, and rightfully the gear should keep up to our expectation, but a lot of people lowered their expectation for the camera which i do not understand why? Despite so much issue with Leica Digital RF and the heavenly price, people are willing to pay a premium to accept a lower expectation of gear.
It is other peoples' expectations that are lower than those of the owner's. My M8 has been through a lot over the years and it keeps on capturing great photos.
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Old 06-29-2016   #123
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Well, I wouldn't mind moving up to full-frame, but I think the M8 (my vote) or the RD-1 has got the best value proposition.

In the end FF (assuming you have the needed focal length) does not allow you to take better pictures.

It's possible to get used to the quirks of the M8. That is subjective depending on your mind's flexibility, but I can handle it.
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Old 07-22-2016   #124
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What is the Overall Best Value in Digital Rangefinders?
If you are committed to both digital and black and white, it's the M Monochrom typ 246. If you are committed to both digital and color, it's the M-P typ 240.


Think twice, buy once. To hell with settle for cameras and halfway measures; spend your money once and be done with it.

YMMV/JMHO/IANAL/Offer not good in Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa and in Nebraska on Wednesdays.
The Leica M passion: From the inside it's hard to explain; from the outside it's hard to understand.
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Old 09-10-2016   #125
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I owned, and loved, the M8. After succumbing to the allure of the FF M9, I believe the performance of the M9 does more than justifies the additional shekels. You get the advantage of shooting at actual stated focal length of lenses, image quality that is at least as pleasing as the M8, no need for use of IR filters when shooting color, a camera for which replacements for all components are still available, and (strictly from a monetary value standpoint) a camera that will likely hold its current value for a number of years, going forward.

I also own and MM1; and, if I were secure in my belief that B&W is, in all cases, the best way to shoot, I would consider that camera as the leader in value...the high ISO rendering is very liberating. However, since obtaining the M9, I find that its color rendering, with the 35 Summilux V2, has me gaining a stronger fascination with color images. The M9 is now my choice about 75% of the time.
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Best value
Old 09-20-2016   #126
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Best value

A film rangefinder, perhaps a Leica M4 or Nikon SP, and a very good scanner.

Phil Forrest
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Old 02-04-2017   #127
Ronald M
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Keeping my M9, back up is M8. 10% chance will get a M10 50% chance will upgrade D800 or D800E if Nikon has something better.

GAS is gone for lenses. Mostly recovered for bodies.
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Old 02-04-2017   #128
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I am still shooting with a Leica M6. I do not yet shoot with a digital rangefinder because I have not found one that meets my needs nor have I found one that I consider a great value. However, the M10 may be the first digital rangefinder that meets my needs.
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Old 02-04-2017   #129
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Ok...I wanted to ask Why the X100 and the X-Pro Bodies not included? Is that because they are hybrid viewfinders ? Thanks.
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Old 02-06-2017   #130
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Originally Posted by larmarv916 View Post
Ok...I wanted to ask Why the X100 and the X-Pro Bodies not included? Is that because they are hybrid viewfinders ? Thanks.
because they aren't rangefinder cameras. We are talking about digital cameras with mechanical rangefinders.
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Old 03-24-2017   #131
robert blu
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M7 user here, I skipped the M8 because I didn't like it, I was not convinced about the M9, I had doubts when the M240/262 generation hit the market...but after I played a little with the M10 in Wetzlar Leica Shop I was convinced...that is my digital M...
Remember: today is the Day !
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Old 03-24-2017   #132
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Originally Posted by Phil_F_NM View Post
A film rangefinder, perhaps a Leica M4 or Nikon SP, and a very good scanner.

Phil Forrest
I would be inclined to agree with you if a very good scanner could be had at a reasonable cost. I am not aware that such a thing is even available at this point (and by that I mean scanners in current production).


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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #133
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If you just care about a digital RF, then a used M240 is an incredible deal at about $3000.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #134
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My brain says M9. My heart says Epson R-D1.

Unfortunately, I can't use either. My commercial clients require 50 MP files, so I even have to resize my 36 MP Nikon D800E images, and some of my fine art prints are over a metre wide...!


Portfolio: www.richcutler.co.uk
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