Thinking of going (slightly) digital
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Thinking of going (slightly) digital

I'm thinking of dipping my toes into digital.
As I use several rangefinders, the Fuji X series was an obvious choice. I might buy a second-hand XE1 or 2, just to see how it goes. What's the best adapter to use my LTM lenses on the X series? Would I be better buying a LTM to M adapter first, and then an M to X adapter, as I heard that there's no good quality LTM one out there?


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I bought a used XE-1 one year ago after shooting only film (and the occasional snapshot with my phone). What can I say, I still shoot film most of the time - I'am convinced by now, though that it would be the same had I bought a digital M. I just prefer film, that's what I know now.

Regarding LTM adapters, I used a cheap one from eBay and had no complaints using a summaron and the 25mm skopar. If you expect a similar experience to a rangefInder when using manual focus lenses you will be disappointed, though. I find it totally awkward.

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I have not heard of a LTM to X-mount adapter. Since you will be using LTM lenses I don't think the added features of the more expensive Fujifilm M adapter are relevant.

What would be relevant is the third-party's manufacturing tolerances. Some very inexpensive adapters are well made and some aren't.
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I sometimes use a Voigtlander 25 LTM on the X-Pro1 with a Voigtlander M adapter and a cheap M to XF adapter that I got from Amazon. It works fine, but I mainly zone focus and use the OVF. I don't have the adapter with me but I think it's a Fotodiox.

Coming from a strong RF background, you might be more at home with an OVF Fuji and native lens. I certainly am. There's something familiar and comfortable about those framelines. I find focus peaking is pretty distracting. Have you considered an X100 series or an X-Pro1?
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In my experience even the cheapest LTM adapters from HK/China can be fine if you get a good one, ideally get one that can be recalibrated. It doesn't make sense to stack adapters.

In my experience the X-E1/X-E2 are OK for MF RF glass though work best 35mm and up.

Depending on your budget it may be better to get an A7 since you won't have the crop factor.
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Have you checked out the Ricoh GXR with M-mount? Then all you'll need is a LTM-M adapter to use your LTM lenses. I find that it works really well with my M lenses.

Btw I have an XE1 too but only use Fuji XF lenses with it.
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The Fuji X100T goes nicely with my film gear.
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