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Question re CaptureOne for Fuji cameras
Old 03-11-2019   #1
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Question re CaptureOne for Fuji cameras

Hello all,

I'm at the software acquisition stage and am looking at Capture One software.

The debate I'm having with myself is this:

Is the Capture One Express Fujifilm free version "enough"? It seems to be lacking a few features that could prove useful.

Is the Capture One Fujifilm 12 worth the cost?

I've just begun working with the free version, but need to make a decision soon because I always prefer working with raw files.

If you bought the Pro version ($$$), why?

Any experiences you can relay will help me with my decision. (I did search the forum before posting. It seems because the Fuji specific version is newer, information is sparse.) Thanks.
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Out to Lunch
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Or, otherwise, what is the best software handling Fuji RAW files?
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I am using ON1. Seems to work well and reasonably priced, but I am new to RAW processing, so cannot offer an opinion as to what might be better.
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Old 04-19-2019   #4
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I just bought C1 Pro for Fuji (yesterday after x years on Aperture which I love) I have no opinion yet BUT for a few days did the trial- For 109. 50% off special I guess? let you know when I dig in
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Originally Posted by danielsterno View Post
I just bought C1 Pro for Fuji ... I have no opinion yet BUT for a few days did the trial- For 109. 50% off special I guess? let you know when I dig in
I would love to hear your experiences with the software. I'm using Lightroom 6 and am less than thrilled how it handles my Fuji images.



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I too switched from Aperture, and went with the prepaid annual subscription for $79. really like it so far, just takes the usual new software learning curve with the user interface. there are lots of video tutorials. RAW conversion is unmatched.
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I am well aware some people hate subscription software licensing. But if you don't, at this point in timeLightroom Classic CC is an excellent tool for rendering XTrans raw.

Many will not believe me and share problems they've had with Adobe Camera Raw and XTrans rendering. In my experience, while these issues once had some merit, they no longer apply.

o The optimum choice of LR image sharpening and some of the other rendering parameters are almost always very different for XTrans raw compared to Bayer raw.

o LR's new Enhance Details feature does make a difference for Xtrans and Bayer images with a lot of detail and contrast. But I only use Enhance Details for images I publish in digital and print media. That said Enhance Details means less OCD stress when pixel peeping.

o Fujifilm collaborated with Adobe to implement their in-camera film simulation camera profiles (PROVIA/Standard, Velvia/Vivid and ASTIA/Soft, ACROS etc.) in LR. However LR only supports the film simulations your in-camera menus support. For instance, you can not use ACROS with an X-Pro 1. Using the XTrans film simulation files is an efficient way to initially evaluate(select) XTrans images. It is trivial to change the film simulation profiles for large groups of images. The most recent camera profile preview pane feature also saves time in the initial workflow stages.
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