120 film to use
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120 film to use

in this day and age, if you had to pick one colour film and one black and white film to use, which ones would it be? If the subject was going to be primarily landscapes? I want to take my 120 RFs for a walk.
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Ian M.
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Don’t own a MF RF, but I’ve epoxied the finder of my Bronica back together and re-lubed the shutter of my grandfathers Mamiya TLR, and so I’ve been shooting 6x6 almost exclusively. Lots more film to experiment with.

Lately shooting a lot of Provia for color; nice all-around film, but I’m also aided by a spot meter in my camera. I also love Portra depending on the scene—did some shooting out in the deserts of central WA/OR a while back in that post-golden-hour light and they turned out beautifully.

As for BW. Been shooting mostly Delta 100 in Xtol for 35mm and kept that going in MF. I shoot mostly urban and architecture scenes and love the sharpness. I do tolerate HP5 more in the larger format than I do in 35, and think the little bit of grain can really add character to landscapes.

What are you shooting? If it’s something meterless and you’re going to be guessing, I’d lean toward color neg and traditional cubic-grain BW.
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Just the one colour would be Portra 400, very flexible and capable of both pushing and pulling, colours are lovely.

Black and white - Kodak Tmax400. Sharp, gorgeous tones, pushable to 1600 without issue and easily pulled.

There are plenty of runners up but I always try and answer the question posed!
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Fuji 6x9 user here! I settled on ISO400 choices mostly:

HP5 as a good allround B&W. Timeless and bulletproof, souped in HC110. Bonus is that in europe the pricing is quite good, and appreciated by my tight budget. 1&euro; difference compared to Kodak's.

Portra 400 for Color. At the time of writing it sits frozen as I am liking B&W DIY turnaround, also having a fully equipped club darkroom.

Being summer, I picked some Delta 100 to use, but find not really taking it too often...
As I am out and about, haven't taken the 6x9 for a spin these last couple weeks. Gone instead for 35mm Kodak gold snapshots.

Honorable mention is Provia 100. Grabbed a couple packs before the price increase rolled in. We agreed to process E6 in the club next fall. Gorgeous to look at in medium format, currently loaded in the 6x9 awaiting an outing seeking good light.
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If taking a tripod and/or it's summer - Ektar and FP4
Otherwise - Fuji Pro 400h and HP5
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I keep dabbling in other films for B&W and keep coming back to my favorite, Delta 100.

For color? Ektar 100 I suppose, but the colors can be a little too vibrant sometimes. I probably should try Provia sometime in 120 (I used it for many years in 35mm) but I have no way to project it.
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somewhat colored
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I tend to prefer ISO 320-400 for medium format cameras: plenty of negative area so low grain, not so low grain that the images have no 'character', and accommodating the generally slower lenses of MF cameras while staying within the range of exposure times capable with old leaf shutters. I also do not shoot color film at all anymore; for me, color is the domain of digital capture.

I use two B&W films: Ilford HP5 and Ilford XP2 Super. Both are developed with Kodak HC-110 developer at home. I occasionally experiment with other films, but these are what I use probably nine times out of ten.

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J enea
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are the choices limited to what we can buy today or what we have in our secret secret stash?

I have 2 groups, 1 for handheld hiking and 1 for tripod work

handheld, I prefer tmax 400 and provia 100, with Ektar as an option depending on the scene brightness

tripod APX 25 from my stash, otherwise Tmax 100 velvia 50 for color
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Portra 160, Tmax 100, TriX and for something different in color Ektar 100. These are all great for landscapes.

EDIT: Tmax 100 with 120 to me looks like 4x5 quality.
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well, the new Fuji GW670II showed up today. It will join the 690s that I haven't used in awhile. I am thinking ISO 400 films because I am too lazy to use a tripod - bad habit, I know.
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Arista EDU Ultra 100 for B&W and Ektar 100 for color.

I like the look of the Arista.

Steve W
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Originally Posted by hsteeves View Post
well, the new Fuji GW670II showed up today. It will join the 690s that I haven't used in awhile. I am thinking ISO 400 films because I am too lazy to use a tripod - bad habit, I know.
I'm with you on that! EI 400 is very useful for medium format IMO, though I have often chosen 800... but in the case of color neg or chromogenic B&W I set the meter 2/3 stop slower than box speed with normal processing... for better shadow detail and tonality. As here with a Fuji GS670III and Fuji 800Z film at EI 500 on Valentine's Day: (and best wishes on your new 670!)
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