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Hi Keith,
It is a GREAT camera. Congrats and enjoy....
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I'm just now back from my 'outback trip' and after seeing the colours in this part of Australia I'm very glad I chose the 240 over the MM. I suspect the Merrills would have been a pretty good choice also but the 240 was absolutely amazing and a total pleasure to shoot with in all conditions.

Over the next few days I'll sort through the four hundred odd pics I took and edit the best and start posting them in the gallery.

Fabulous camera ... just fabulous!
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Michael Markey
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Good stuff ...I`ll look forward to that.
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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I've mused about the possibility of owning a digital M for a long time ... I'm single with no dependants, I smoke minimally, I shop at Aldi, I don't go to restaurants, I drink very little, I wear my clothes until they are near falling off me and I'm now on the wrong side of sixty ... photography is my only real vice!

A few weeks ago a very good friend (several years younger than moi) who I've known for thirty odd years was diagnosed with terminal cancer and probably has a few months left at best ... did this shake me up a little? It sure did!

Need I say more? ... life's too short folks and you never know when your number's up. Will I like the 240, is it the right camera for me? .... who knows, but I'm not about to die wondering.
Life is short.. true.
No time like the present...also true.
The M240 is not for everyone.... just as true.

At the end of the day, you shoot what you want to shoot with. I opted, like Keith, for the M240 and, so far, I have not really seen a need to shoot anything else. Ya.. there are those out there that like the Monochrome better.. or feel the M9 has some sort of "magical" sensor or such.. and that's fine. Others prefer film bodies.. others prefer different mirrorless brands (Sony, Olympus, Fuji etc.) still others prefer DSLRs.. it's all good... More power to them.

At the end of the day, you SHOULD shoot with what you want or enjoy shooting with... it's part of the overall process after all.... because life is indeed a lot shorter than any of us ever expected.

I own a Leica and I am NOT a dentist (I don't even portray one on TV!!!)

I have an idea what I'm looking for but it only becomes real once I see it - Constantine Manos

ITS THE MAGIC I SEE IN THE Light, Texture, & Tone
that Intoxicates Me - Helen Hill

My Flickr - it's where I post my RF and P&S shtuff
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I "vote up" Dave's posting above.

Do what makes you feel better.
- Raid

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Originally Posted by raid View Post
I "vote up" Dave's posting above.

Do what makes you feel better.
Excellent post, I agree 100% !

Remember: today is the Day !
from Ruth Bernhard recipe for a long and happy life

my quiet photographer's blog

My RFF photos and my albums on RFF
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Keith, I am so happy to hear that you got the M 240, I'm sure you'll use it well and hope to see pictures soon. Your pictures from the Sigma were so excellent it had me pining to get one but haven't looked for one yet. I know your work with the 240 will be excellent and hope you will be more than satisfied with it. Can hardly wait to see your first ones.
Good Light and Good Luck (thanks to Edward R Murrow)

Leica M2 l Nikon D 700 l Sony A7 I

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