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Product life cycle exists insofar as parts become increasingly difficult to acquire. That being said, Leica still makes the M-E, which has the guts of an M9. There are no signs M9s will be "in trouble" for the foreseeable future.

I think the unpopularity of the M-E has a lot to do with the relative "glut" of M9s on the market. The M-240 release saw a lot of people selling cheap M9s - cheaper than a new M-E. Many photographers enthusiastically buy used equipment (myself included). Anyone who wants to buy a new CCD Color M will buy a M-E, they will eventually hit the used market, and budget-conscious buyers will have reason to look at both.

I sold my M9 because it was impractical in situations under EV of 4. In situations above EV 4 it had amazing IQ and awful handling. The handling was not bad enough that I ever picked another camera over it, however. I have a certain fondness of the images I shot with it, though I can't say that that the fondness was caused by any technical merits.

I am eagerly watching the used prices of the M-240 drop.
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I have no idea how the high pixel count could improve your photography. So in that case If you have more money to spend you can go for a M9 or for more money go for a MM all I know is lot of M8 owners who upgraded have some regret they changed their camera. If your high Pixel is the main need them it is worth looking for an up grade .

I know MM cameras have more costumer- care and Leica will take care of it. But at the rate of the M is Mutating M9- MM will be soon finish when other cameras take their place .

I am a jut a M8 user and I don't think i am going to dump this until it dies down. :-)
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