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Voigtlander Bessa Leica Mount Cameras Made in Japan by Cosina in partnership with Voigtlander, the many modern Voigtlander Leica Screw Mount and Leica M mount bodies offer inexpensive and often unique options into entering the world of Leica rangefinder photography.

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Digital Voigtlander
Old 12-11-2006   #1
Canadian & Not A Dentist
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Digital Voigtlander

Nothing really Voigtlander (or Cosina) about this other than it's name - http://www.engadget.com/2006/12/11/v...bs-it-vito-65/

I feel almost dirty for reading about it..

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Waiting on Maitani
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I'm heading to the shower.
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where theres smoke theres fire as they say. A couple of weeks ago I read something about Voigtländer adopting the GRD, changing some specs and marketing it as a digital rangefinder. The story then seemed meaningless as you will read hundreds of similar rumors all over the web every day, but with this message .... the smoke is certainly there ....
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On the alert
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Don't ringphoto own the rights to make p+s voigtlanders? If so this may be nothing to do with Cosina
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Originally Posted by Toby
Don't ringphoto own the rights to make p+s voigtlanders? If so this may be nothing to do with Cosina
You're right, Toby. This is surely a rebadged Chinese P&S. Cosina only license the name from Ringphoto for the Bessa's.
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zoomar. that is too cute.
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Urgh! My Vito CD is squirming in its leather case right now. Disgusting.
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Old 12-11-2006   #8
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Hopefully it's a step in a direction.
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Shoot first, think later
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If it only took M-lenses...
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Silva Lining
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Hey guys, this Voigtlander aint got nothing to do with the Cosina Voigtlanders that are famous around these parts!

Furthermore they are a stain on the reputation of a glorious heritidge of Brunswick-based camera excellence! - (At least until about 1960!)


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Nothing new to me.. About a year ago, something similar came up in the Minox forum on pnet. A bit of searching showed the following cameras were identical:

Konica Minolta Dimage E40
BenQ DC E43
Minox DC4211
Premier DC4331
Rollei Prego dp4200
Centon DC4s
Voigtlaender Virtus D4
Maginon Slimline X4

So, it's not only Voigtlaender throwing its good name away.. It's in good company with other brands like Konica/Minolta and Rollei, who where also in the RF game until recently (HexarRF and Rollei 35RF)
Kind regards,


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