Sony a7 flash options. Advice needed.
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Sony a7 flash options. Advice needed.


I am interested in a flash for my Sony a7. I know next to nothing about flashes, slaves, triggers etc.

I need some sound advice on flash options for my Sony a7. I want to explore the creative power of flash photography.

I have looked at Sony, Metz, Yonungo, Nissin, and Neewer options. I know two or three older Minolta flashes work on the a7, but I am confused and prefer to stick with newer flashes.

How will I use a flash? I would like to try studio portrait and still photography.

Cost is a factor. The price of Sony flashes scare me. I prefer an inexpensive flash, so I can afford gels and diffuser.

Anyone provide advice on Yonungo, Nissin and Neewer flashes. I am also open to other options.

Sorry, if my use of how I will use the flash is to vague, but I have never used a flash in my life. It is time to explore photography more!

Thanks for any and all advice.

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Have a look here
I use the Nissin Di700A flash and Air 1 Commander - work a treat & reasonable price.
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I have a Neewer for casual fill flash use - which does well within its power limitations. Beyond that, I rely on a variety of older, high power flashes (some Metz, some Nikon, plus Multiblitz and Elinchrom studio flashes).

The A7 series has a regular (centre contact) hot shoe, so any generic reasonably modern (low voltage triggered) external flash will do. Very old flashes used high voltage triggers which may destroy electronic cameras - not only digital cameras, but also all film cameras with AE flash automation, TTL flash or AF, so the transition to safe flashes was already done by the mid 1980s. But as some of the most popular flashes (Vivitar 283, Metz 45 potato mashers) were made in safe and unsafe versions across several decades, you should check the tables of electronics safe flashes/flash serials out on the net when buying a used one.

If you want TTL, you need a flash with the new Sony Multi-Interface shoe (hot shoe with front edge digital interface), or a Minolta/Sony flash and a Multi-Interface to Minolta adapter. But TTL is essentially only required to make all-automatic fill flash work in contre-jour settings or for macro/micro flash - for most applications of flash illumination, you will do just as well (sometimes even better) with all manual or on-flash "automatic" light metering.
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I just recommended a Yongnuo for use on A7 in another thread:

My YN-560 II works fine directly on A7 and off body triggered by the Sony HVL-F20M external flash or Yongnuo trigger RF 602, also mounted on Sony NEX5n via hotshoe adapter and triggered by optional flash and / or Yongnuo RF 602.
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I recently got a kit with two used elinchroms. They came with stands, wireless trigger and small softboxes as well. Good thing about studio flashes is that you get the modelling lights that you don't have on the speedlights.
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Look at the Lumopro LP180r with Phottix Odin ii transmitter (Sony model) for remote wireless TTL capability. The Odin transmitter is mounted on the hotshoe and can be used to control the flash where the flash is within 300 feet. Multiple flashes can be so controlled with dial in remote lighting ratios. I have the Odin ii setup for Nikon and it works great.
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The Sony Flashes might be expensive, but for single-flash, on-camera work, it's hard to argue with the combination of TTL, high speed sync and the reliability of the OEM system.

The HVL-F43M can be had on sales for ~$250. The 60M has higher output but unless you're planning to regularly work in daylight, the 43M has plenty of output as well as very accurate TTL.
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