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Film vs Digital Discussions about the relative advantages and disadvantages of Film vs Digital are important as they can help us understand our choices as photographers. Each medium has strengths and weaknesses which can best be used in a given circumstance. While this makes for an interesting and useful discussion, DO NOT attack others who disagree with you. Forum rules are explained in the RFF FAQ linked at the top of each page.

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Film -fallen out of love?
Old 04-03-2016   #1
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Film -fallen out of love?

Film vs Digital subforum?

I think I am coming to the realization that I may have fallen out of love with film. Not today, not yesterday, not a year ago. The funny thing is, I think this might have happened the first time I saw one of those new-fangled digital contraptions out in the wild back in May, 1997.

I guess it was one of those "this is the future and now you have seen it moments." Granted, it took another 20 years, but I find myself today running more and more out of time -and that is it -not the perceived convenience, the arguably lower running costs, or the ease of obtaining materials, etc.

The near immediate obtain-ability of images that please me from the current crop of digitals has brought these feelings to the top this morning. The feelings that kicked off that spring morning in '97. I love my film, my film cameras, the whole process. I guess I am just no longer "in love" and that is a big difference.

How about you?
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Ken Ford
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Im the same way, but I think I could rekindle it with a simple, modern, easy to use film scanner (not a flatbed) that is optimized for 35mm B&W strips. A member here was kind enough to gift me an old Nikon scanner a few years ago, but I haven't had much luck getting it going. An easy, off the shelf USB scanner would be perfect for me.

I'm just too used to digital post to want to go back to darkroom enlargements.
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Old 04-04-2016   #3
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I never fell out of love with film. When I developed my first roll back in 1978 it's been a love affair ever since. I bought three digital cameras over the years and still have two but they sit in the safe unless I want to record serial numbers, show people different things via a jpeg file. Other than that, it's film whether a wet print or one done via the scanner. It's an entirely different look to me that can't be mimicked converting from a digital color photo to B&W.

Moreover, I've had too many cars in the past that didn't cost as much as some digital cameras today that only shoot in B&W. That, I fear, doesn't make a lot of sense.
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I just don't have adequate and affordable solution for bw in digital, because I like RF cameras. I'm using DSLRs just to get images. Quick&Easy, with colors. But "love" kind of thing is going on bw film and prints for me.
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Old 10-21-2016   #5
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Originally Posted by Ko.Fe. View Post
I just don't have adequate and affordable solution for bw in digital, because I like RF cameras. I'm using DSLRs just to get images. Quick&Easy, with colors. But "love" kind of thing is going on bw film and prints for me.
There's always the R-D1
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Beauty in Shadow & Light
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Funny, I'm in the opposite camp
No matter how I try, I get bored with Digital

I will Agree Digital has it's Hi Points...
the immediacy of the Image is Addicting
The Resolution can be Magnificent
The Low Light capabilities Extraordinary
But at the End of a Day, or a few weeks I lose Interest
Then I shoot a Roll of Film, develop it , scan it, and then have a Big Wide Smiling Grin
The Atmosphere , the Beauty of the way the Light falls, even Imperfections do it for Me

Now You can Stone Me ..., ... ...

A Lover of Leica M's...
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Old 10-21-2016   #7
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Amen to The Big Wide Smiling Grin.

I have been repeating that smile ever since I seen my first print coming up on the paper in the tray. It was a lousy print but it was mine.

I have nothing against digital, I use it quite often and even have digital cameras that I actually like.

Digital for me is a tool.

Film is for love.
You gotta love a fast lens;

It is almost as good as a fast horse!
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99% Film
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digital is fun and all, but film is more funner.
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Old 10-21-2016   #9
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I HAVE to use Digital for work, film can't do what I need it to do, so it's a fact of life for me, and I enjoy using it a great deal.

I was doing the majority of my street work on film for a long time, but one of my favourite emulsions got canned, and I put a significant amount of time (and cash) into finding and working with digital alternatives to "future proof" my working.

That time, and the results I get from it mean I haven't shot a full roll of film this year. It's just quicker, easier and the results are (to me) great.

I do feel guilty though, I have some great film gear, and for some reason, I'm not ready to let it go yet, so I really need to be shooting it, I just need to find the thing that tips me back into using film.
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Old 10-26-2016   #10
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Love film/hate digital.
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Old 10-26-2016   #11
pan sin sal
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Why not do both? Digital has its advantages. Film has its advantages.
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