a 21mm for MP-240
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a 21mm for MP-240

which 21mm for my MP-240?
State that I am not looking for a lens very bright but rather a good quality file, I found:
Elmarit-M f / 2.8, 11 134
Ultron ASPH f / 1.8
Color Skopar f / 4.0
Super-Elmar-M f / 3.4 ASPH, 11145
On which of these guide the choice?
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I have not used the others (I did have the Biogon 25mm, however). The Ultron f/1.8 is fantastic. Sharp, great OOF rendering, well-made and great price. It is the only M-lens I regularly use.
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Ah, you asked that one on LUF as well.
Just take the Super-Elmar and you won't look back, although there is not one bad lens in the bunch you mention (and the Zeiss 21/2.8 which you overlooked)

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I have the Elmarit, love the colors. It has that 'naturalezza'. As regards the edges it still produces a slight purple tinge on the M240. And this lens has some corner problems at times - below F5.6.

Look here how charming the Elmarit can be:

Aha Erlebnis on Flickr

For me the SEM unfortunately was too expensive.
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The definitive 21mm Leica M mount lens review
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The definitive 21mm Leica M mount lens review

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I would say Super-Elmar-M 3.4, to me it's just about prefect.
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Yup, the 21 SEM is where it's at. Wouldn't touch another 21. Travels well, well balanced, insanely corrected and sharp. The one I own is probably THE best made Leica lens I own and have EVER owned. Everything is perfect; focus, aperture clicks, etc.
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I have a Zeiss Biogon 21mm f/2.8 ZM and really enjoy it paired with my M240

2 shots i took in Hawaii on my M240


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I love my Mandler lens: http://www.rangefinderforum.com/foru...d.php?t=152649.
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The full-frame digital sensor, ideally, calls for some differences in lens optics, especially for wide lenses, for better edge and corner performance. The SEM is one such modern lens.

Last year I bought a SEM and sold my 4.5/21 C-Biogon and 2.8/21 Elmarit-M ASPH, both of which are excellent on an M8 but suffer in the outer zones with the full-frame sensor of the M9 and 240. Happy with the change!
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