XPro2 heat
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XPro2 heat

Has the heating up issue with the XPRO2 body been resolved or improved? Is the new battery addressing that? As a pro, can I lean on this body for hard shooting, or better to back off the shutter release at some point?

Is the heating up related to any particular function that can be avoided, like ACROS jpegs or other settings that may induce heat attacks?
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I suspect the heat has to do with the more powerful CPU. I read quit a bit about the Fujifilm X-Series and do not remember many reports about over heating. However I wasn't aware a new X-Pro 2 battery was issued. Was there a recall or is this battery an optional upgrade?

Since the X-T2 has an optional VPB-XT2 Vertical Power Booster Grip, perhaps this camera is the best choice for leaning on the shutter release.
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The body will warm up under heavy usage but that is what it is supposed to do, it is the heat sink for the camera. I haven't had it shut down or get hot under pretty heavy usage. Today in AF-C, 8FPS running the 100-400 pretty hard I shot about 700 frames in (4) 25 minute blocks.

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I've had no issues regarding heat and I've owned it since day one. However, I don;t do video and I don't use continuous shooting modes.
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