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3.5cm, 2.5 S aperture
Old 11-15-2016   #1
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3.5cm, 2.5 S aperture

I have a 3.5cm, 2.5 S lens. With just that tiny ring on the front of the lens is there no good way of adjusting f stops? Guessing that attaching a lens hood would make things easier but the hood would always be loosening up on me? Do you turn the aperture by rotating the hood as the only way?
Any sage advice on best practices for using this lens?
Thanks, Steve
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Peter Jennings
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With lenses like this (all W-Nikkor lenses except the 3.5/1.8), I lock the lens at infinity so the barrel doesn't move and stick two fingers into the front to adjust the aperture setting.
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A hood or filter on the lens certainly makes it easier to adjust the aperture ring. It also helps to stop the little focus wheel from rotating with one hand as you change the aperture with the other. Or, as Peter mentioned, lock the lens at infinity.
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I guess the part I neglected to mention is that this lens is on a Leica M with Amedeo adapter. Have never used a Nikon Rangefinder..
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Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
Have never used a Nikon Rangefinder..

Well there is the answer you buy a Nikon rangefinder so you can change the aperture- simple

I stick a finger across the focus ring to "lock' it with one hand and change aperture with the other sometimes but usually if I am up or down a stop the speed is easier and the finger only works if on strap and the camera is braced against the body, film latitude is a wonderful thing. ( I suppose next post is admitting the Leica is a dig**al )

BTW I have loosened front elements using the hood to change aperture, I avoid that trick.
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One work-around is as mentioned with the filter.

What I did on mine was to tape a scale with the aperture stops so I do not have to keep looking at the lens just to verify. muscle memory cannot be trusted some times
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